Sunday, November 30, 2014

Welcome to December Details 2014

Welcome to "December Details 2014", an Instagram photo challenge among friends that begins tomorrow.  I'm writing this in the car as we drive to Atlanta, and am not quite sure why the colors above are so "neon", but perhaps it is just an optical illusion.  Who knows.   Anyways . . . .It's easy and fun and I hope you'll join us in a month of documenting the daily details that make up the month of December.  It really can be "the most wonderful time of the year!"

There really aren't any rules for this challenge, and the procedure is quite easy:   Each morning (hopefully), you will receive an email prompt of something to be thankful for.  As you go about your daily activities, keep your eyes open for opportunities to interpret the prompt with your camera.  I personally use only my phone camera for these challenges, but of course, you are welcome to use whatever you wish. Sometimes, I will give you an example to get you thinking, while other times, I may just list the prompt as a reminder.  Feel free to use "throwback photos" as well if they fit your interpretation---this is a time to appreciate the holiday season.  I plan to post the prompt here on the blog each morning, so if for some reason the email fails us, just check here.

I know that sometimes life gets way too busy and other things are much more important than an Instagram post, so if that happens, don't despair.  It's fine!   You can catch up later, or not at all.  Like I said, there really aren't any rules.

Please be sure to tag your posts with the hashtag #DecemberDetails2014.  On my posts, I generally try to list the prompt itself in ALL CAPS in the caption, along with the hashtag, so that it is easy to see which prompt I'm capturing (just in case the photo itself doesn't make it obvious).  Many of you already know each other, but others live in other parts of the country or are "friends of friends".  But, we now all have something in common---this challenge--so click on the hashtag from time to time and see how others are interpreting the prompts.  You might even find a new friend to follow! (There are several people that I follow and have never actually met) If you are new to my blog, and want to join us, leave your email address in the comments section below and I will add you to our daily email prompt list.  (don't worry, I only use it for this challenge).

And for those of you that like to know what is coming up so you can plan ahead, here is a list of the prompts for December.   I usually write the emails and posts so far ahead time that I can't remember when they are going to actually be posted, so each morning is a surprise to me as well!  I will also send it by email in PDF format so that you can print it out, if you'd like.

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