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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

America's Classic

Last weekend, Ron and I took a spur of the moment trip down to Houston on Saturday afternoon so that we could watch his son, Tyler in his latest dance competition.  Tyler has been dancing for about 6-7 years and although I've seen a couple of videos, this was the first time I actually was able to watch him in person.

We arrived just in time to grab a quick bite to eat while we watched him compete in the semi-finals of the "Jack & Jill".

His mom explained to me how the dance worked---All the guys lined up and then  each was assigned a random partner and they danced together for the first song.  When the song was over, each couple went back to the line and each girl moved a specified number to their new partner.  They did this three times, giving the judges a chance to see how well each person did with a variety of partners in an un-rehearsed dance.

Later that night, we got a chance to watch Tyler and his partner, Jules perform the routine that won them first place at the nationals in November.

This was an international event this time and their competition was tough.  They did awesome though!  It was so fun to watch them dance and they made it look pretty easy.

We were pretty pooped from our day-- work in the food pantry and then the long drive down to Houston, so eventually we headed upstairs to our room.  Tyler, however, had lots of fun ahead with social dancing, a midnight buffet and visiting with friends.  He came in late and slept in late the next morning.

Sunday, Tyler performed a dance with his teacher.

After a few hours, we needed a break from the dim lights and loud music, so we retreated to the pool deck for an hour or so.  The weather was great, so it was nice to sit outside by the pool in the sunshine.  

We were able to squeeze in one last dance viewing before we headed back to Shreveport--the finals of the Jack and Jill competition.

Naturally, we thought Tyler was the best of the bunch!!  It was a lot of driving in 24 hours and was pretty tiring, but we were both so glad that we were able to go and to spend a little bit of time with Tyler.  He's awesome!!
Saturday, January 12, 2013

Farewell CCL

To begin the new year, I headed down to Baton Rouge to join my cropping buddies for the very last Camp Crop-A-Lot.

 The LSU theme for this year almost made me break down and by an LSU shirt (which I'd said I would probably never do), but instead I just sported a plain purple one.

All four of us worked on a project called 12-12-12 this time.  It was a web-based class that we all enrolled in over at Big Picture Classes and we ordered the supplies for Tammy at Memory Mania.  Without collaborating at all, we all ended up with different colored binders.

The scrapbook is a summary of the year 2012 in pictures and journaling.  It was fun.

And also a brain workout, as I had to really think about events, feelings, etc. to complete the journaling---good for me!!   (all that hard work had us feeling pretty silly by 2 a.m.!!)

Of course, we enjoyed our yearly outing to Ninfa's and I even had a dacquiri one night!  We all get along so well and have such a good time together, but we sure missed having Catha with us!!  We love you, Catha!!!

There was even a game of chance for an opportunity to win some nice prizes(none of us won with that).

I can't believe it is the last one, but I understand that Tammy is ready to move on to other endeavors.  I will certainly miss this time together, but the four of us (and hopefully Catha) have vowed to find our own place to keep up the tradition!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Little Word - 2013

For the last couple of years, I have joined Ali Edwards in choosing a single word to focus on for the new year.  At the beginning of 2012, I chose the word "open".  Boy, what an adventure that turned out to be---from being "opened" during surgery, to being "open" to new things at church and leadership positions, and finally being "open" to a new relationship.  It's amazing how choosing and focusing on a single thought or word can give you some clarity and direction throughout the year.  (2012 - open; 2011 - purpose;  2010 - risk)

After thinking about it a great deal the last couple of days, I've decided that my word for 2013 will be:

Naturally, I will soon be beginning a new married life, but I need to make beginnings in many different areas of my life and hope that this word will serve as a catalyst to start doing things that I've been putting off.

So, welcome 2013 and all the beginnings that come with it.

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