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Thursday, August 31, 2017

1000+ Pictures

I can't remember exactly when we started doing this, but our Instagram challenges have been going on now for several years! That's a picture a day for at least 3 years---That's over 1,000 pictures documenting our lives.  Pretty cool when you think about it!  My phone is full of them (I really MUST clean it up some!!) and so are the folders on my computer and the cloud! And now it's time to snap away again in September!!

This month, we'll be playing a little bit of I Spy!!  The prompts are pretty easy this time-especially compared to those wacky holidays of last month! Have fun and be sure to use the hashtag so we can all see your snaps. Maybe it's time to invite a friend to join us as well---you know how easy it is and everything is more fun with a friend!!


P. S. Speaking of photography, I have now compiled the Picture Practice Phone Photography course into an eBook that can be purchased and downloaded. The 159-page book includes tips and techniques for using your phone camera to get the "Wow-worthy" photos. If you are interested, it will be listed on my new website in the next couple of days. You can sign up for email updates here.
Sunday, August 13, 2017

Gone Exploring

With no major plans for the weekend, Ron suggested we go exploring on Saturday. After getting a few things done around the house, we set out a little before noon and drove over to Carthage first. We stopped for a catfish lunch, then drove a few miles down the road to Jonesville, where we found T. C. Lindsey's & Co., a general store that has been in operation since 1847. There really isn't much of anything else in Jonesville, but it was a fun stop.

Walking through the front door was like taking a step back in time. 
While there were new items for sale, there were also some rooms that seemed to be completely untouched since their last sale, which was likely in the 60's or 70's.
It was fun to look through their historic items, as well.
Naturally, Ron enjoyed the guns hanging overhead.
There was a little bit of everything---including hornet nests. If you know our story, you know that always conjures up a laugh between the two of us.
Leaving Jonesville, we drove to Jefferson for a bit of antique-ing. It was a warm day, but many of the antique shops had no A/C, which made them almost unbearable.
We didn't buy much of anything there, but it was fun to look.
I did sweat through one shop and found this cute basket purse for a steal. I think it will be perfect to corral some of my painting goodies.

Our next stop was at Caddo Lake State Park, near Karnack. Once we got to the boat launch, I realized that this is the place I learned to water-ski many years ago. I went with a couple of my older brother's friends for a day on their boat and they taught me to ski. I had completely forgotten where we were until I saw the "river" there. 
We wandered around a bit, then checked out the campsites, visitor's center and such.
The large cypress trees made it feel like a typical Louisiana park.
The cypress knees that stuck up from the ground reminded me of gatherings of gnomes or something.
Sometimes you need to just put work, housework and other stuff on hold for a while and spend time soaking up your surroundings. Even better, we got home just as before the storms began rolling through our area.

Did you do anything fun this weekend?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Something New In the Works

Two blog posts in one day!! What?!??!  I couldn't help myself. You see, I have been working on something new and exciting and a bit terrifying. I've started a new blog! AND, I'm starting a new business, too.  Whew! Saying it out loud to y'all is really terrifying because who knows how this thing will go. The name of my new business is:  Dot To Dot, as in connecting the dots between adults and children.

Since my retirement last May, I have enjoyed spending more time with my family, taking watercolor lessons, sewing and squeezing in a bit of travel---in the middle of the year, no less! But, in the back of my mind, some ideas have been brewing. Over the past few weeks, I have been working on turning those ideas into a concrete business so that I can make one of my passions come alive: supplying adults with the tools/materials to make connections with the children in their lives easy and meaningful. I created this business with caregivers in mind---busy mamas, grandmothers, aunts, uncles and babysitters, and hope you will find the site useful.  On Dot To Dot, you will find:

  • blogging about ideas, activities, resources
  • a subscription box service (coming soon)
  • the chance to provide materials and training to families in need.

The website is still under construction, but my blog went live today. 

I would really love for you to check it out and sign up for email updates, as well. You can see it here: 

In addition, I have a created a new Instagram account that will focus on things related to the business. 
My new Instagram account:  dottodotconnections

You will still be able to find me here at Mommy's Treasures and on my personal Instagram account (lsperki), keeping you up to date on the personal happenings in my life from time to time, but hope that you will also enjoy the other site, once it is up and running. 

Solar Eclipse Birthday Fun

My son-in-law has a birthday coming up very soon and since I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blog, I wanted to go ahead and share the birthday package that we are putting together for him. Several months ago, I ordered this book for him just because it looked like fun and something he would enjoy.
I tucked it away and waited for more inspiration to go with it.

Since that time, he and my daughter have decided to go on a short trip to celebrate their anniversary. It is a belated celebration, but perfect timing to put together a fun gift for him since the trip will fall right after his birthday. They are heading a little north to have a better view of the solar eclipse!  How fun is that?!

I picked up a magazine that is all about viewing the eclipse and then added some special glasses to view the sun with. While searching for the right ones, I read all about the need for safety glasses. Looking directly at the sun during an eclipse (or anytime really) can cause real damage at it is definitely not worth permanent eye damage. I looked at so many different ones and these seemed to be the best for the price. They are hard plastic and look more legit than the typical cardboard ones, so I even stitched up a quick drawstring bag to carry them.
(overnight, these seem to have sold out on Amazon, so here is a link to some cardboard alternatives (which come in a 5-pack).

Every viewing party needs a little food, too, doesn't it? I had the great idea to pick up some different flavors of Moon Pies, but, unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any name brand ones locally and the whole point is to have the name on there. So I turned back to Amazon to order these. (I sure love Amazon Prime with their free 2-day shipping!) They come in assorted flavors, and though I thought I was getting an assorted pack, they are actually all Salted Caramel. Oh well. If he doesn't like them, I feel pretty sure someone at my house would be more than happy to eat them. I love Moon Pies!
And last, but not least, I picked up some additional other-worldly snacks! They should be well-prepared with junk food.
Blue Moon Beer, Eclipse Gum, Starburst candies, MilkWay Bars, Sun Chips and SunSeeds

All together, it makes a pretty fun package of goodies.

Are you in line for viewing the full eclipse and are you doing anything special for the viewing?

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