Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Day #4

While I would have loved to have known ahead of time that the schools would have be closed, this morning, I got up, showered, ate breakfast and just happened to have time to check Facebook before I left.  Good thing!  The TV station we'd been listening to had not reported that our schools were closed, but my FB friends sure did!
With one more snow day under our belt today, it only seemed fitting to post the last of my snow pictures from February.  When Ron got home from work on the first snow day, we drove down to the duck pond to see what things looked like down there.  It was still sleeting at that point, and I loved watching it bounce off the hood of the truck.

There were kids enjoying our Louisiana version of sledding, on cardboard boxes and boogie boards.
The poor ducks seemed a bit confused by it all.
I'm quite sure this is not what they'd bargained for when they flew south for the winter.

On the last snow day, we went out to the Wildlife Refuge.
Most of the snow had melted by the time we arrived and my warm boots (fake Uggs) were no match for the cold, soggy mess.
Of course, there were birds everywhere, particularly cardinals.
Everything looked so pretty with the dusting of snow that remained in the underbrush and along the sides of the trails.
Yet, even in the very cold temperatures, and the fading gray of a snow day, there seemed to be the promise of spring.
That experience prompted me to order a new pair of snow boots when I got home.  I only need them a few days a year, at most, but they should last a very long time for me.   In fact, I had them on this morning, ready for a day at school.
I guess I can kick these off now and pull on some slippers instead.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

This weekend, we traveled up to Little Rock for the big race.  We've been registered for months and somehow it sounded lots more appealing when we signed up back in October.  On the heels of a southern ice storm, the thought of running a long distance was not quite as appealing.  There was still a good bit of snow on the ground on the way up to Little Rock.
We picked up our packets Saturday afternoon and we greeted by lots of pirates and even a mermaid.
We knew it was going to cold, and we'd been checking the weather forecast all week, but we were all hoping that Sunday morning would arrive with the absence of moisture.  Cold is one thing.   Cold and wet is quite another!!

At first, it looked like the weather would hold out for us.  It actually was not quite as cold as our last race in Jackson (which was down in the 20's).  This time, the temperatures hovered just over freezing at the start of the race, but it wasn't raining and we were thrilled.
Team Luke was ready to go (Becky decided not to do the race and was keeping Luke).

We were assigned to corrals by our estimated finish times, so naturally, I was near the back.  I had decided to do the 10K rather than the half marathon.  I've found that it is still a bit of a challenge for me, but doesn't seem to pose the potential for injuries, so that's what I signed up for.  Ron, Callie, Jordan and Dennis all ran the half marathon.
The rain held off until just before mile 2, I warmed up once I started running, and fortunately it never poured down.  But, the drizzle continued throughout the entire race. Once I finished my race, I came back to the finish line to wait for the others.  It was SOOO cold once I stopped.  Callie was the first from our group through the finish line!  She completed her very first half marathon in great time!
Jordan and Dennis were next, and then Ron (who had some kneed problems along the way.
While the race was cold and wet, the very worst part of the whole experience was waiting for our gear bags that had been checked prior to the race.  I waited in line in the cold rain for longer than it took me to run the race!
And one of the best parts???   Stopping for a post-race lunch on the way home!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow Day Projects

With a little unexpected time off, I mostly just relaxed and hung out.  But, I did manage to complete a couple of small projects.  

Project #1 - I've been working on my One Little Word project and trying to find ways to not only complete the prompts, but to make improvements related to my word (HOME).  This month's prompt was to create a vision board utilizing pictures, quotes and phrases.  I cleaned out a stack of magazines, snipping meaningful pictures and words as I went and used a piece of patterned scrapbook paper as the base.  Instead of making something to hang on the wall, I made the vision board 8.5" x 11" so that it would easily fit into a page protector in my album.
Project #2 - Monday afternoon, after Ron got home from work a little early, we drove down to the duck pond to take a look around.  The sleet was bouncing off the hood as we parked and I suddenly realized that I needed some sort of rain-proof covering for my camera.   I found a plastic bag in Ron's truck that I was able to wrap around the body of the camera, but I really needed something more substantial.  (I've been meaning to make something for a while).  So, yesterday, I did a bit of measuring and drawing and cutting and sewing and came up with a "camera rain jacket" using some laminated cotton and gray minky that I had on hand.
I made an opening on the bottom to accommodate my camera strap . . .
I decided to make a velcro cover on the "lens end" to allow photos to be taken without taking the camera out of the jacket.  It is sewn onto the jacket on the top so that I won't lose it---I'm notorious for losing my lens covers!
Yesterday evening, I took it out for a trial run and it worked great!  (please disregard the mess in the bedroom)

Back to Reality

Well, it's back to school today after three days at home due to inclement weather.  I loved every minute of it, letting me know that when retirement comes in a couple of years, I will be ready!
Yesterday, our mostly melted sleet gave way to 3-4 inches of beautiful snow.   It began mid-morning and continued snowing with the biggest flakes I've ever seen for a couple of hours.  It was a dream for a wanna-be photographer--most of these photos are unedited.
I can't even remember the last time we had this kind of snow.  We sometimes get a flurry or two on top of a layer of sleet, but this was big, fluffy white snow falling from the sky.
It was beautiful!  I bundled up and sat outside on the deck for a while watching the flakes fall from the sky.

And catching a few.
Once again, Joy was in her element.  When she wasn't running through the snow, she was inside the house watching it from the window.
Emmi tolerated the cold stuff while I was outdoors, but then was anxious to come back inside.
It wasn't long until almost every surface was blanketed in snow.  I measured four inches at my house.
Birds and squirrels were everywhere---on the feeders, in the trees, on the power lines.  The brilliant red cardinals provided a stark contrast to the silvery white.  Can you spot one below?

I was lucky enough to not have to go to work, I never lost power and had a fire in the fireplace all day long.  It was a perfect day, as far as I was concerned.