Friday, September 19, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 19 - Relaxing
In the midst of all the busy-ness of life, sometimes it feels so great to just sit back and relax.  I have a really hard time "being still"---I almost always have a project of some sort in hand.  But, from time to time, what I really need is a just a nice, hot bubble bath.  Soooo RELAXING!!!   I dream of a day when I have a nice-sized Jacuzzi tub, but in the meantime, I plan to RELAX and enjoy in my 1960's builder-grade bathtub and unwind.
What is your favorite method of RELAXING?  Who is RELAXING while you scurry about getting all the necessities done?

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trail Run

Slowly, Ron and I are trying to get back into running again.  After injuries in the spring, vacations in the summer and just plain laziness, we both have been missing the routine of running and are trying to become more disciplined about it again.  With a half marathon coming up in December for Ron, he has been a little bit more diligent about it than me, but neither of us have worked very hard at it-----yet.   All of that will change soon, when we begin USA Fit again.

Tonight, some runners from our local running group, Red River Roadrunners, were meeting up at the Red River Wildlife Refuge for a trail run, so we decided to join them.  Since that is one of our favorite spots, we are pretty familiar with the trails and we waited just a little later to begin than the rest of the group.
Even though it was later, it was still very hot and muggy, and the trails that we ran on were mostly rocky.  That makes for a difficult run (run/walk for me).   But, it is so quiet and peaceful out there, and we were lucky enough to see a nice sunset.
Trail running may not be my thing---at least not rocky trails, but it was good to be back out there again.


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 18 - HEIRLOOM
If you're one of my Round-Top/Canton buddies, then I know this will be an easy prompt for you. The hardest part about it, will be choosing which amazing HEIRLOOM to photograph.  But, chances are, we all have something that we hold on to, or something that has been passed down to us.  My wedding ring is one of those items--it belonged to my Grandmother Shaffer, my Daddy's mother.  When Ron and I got married, he picked out my engagement ring as a surprise to me, but I decided to pair it with my HEIRLOOM ring and I love them together.
Do you have a special HEIRLOOM that has been passed through generations of your family?  Or maybe it was someone else's HEIRLOOM that you're now in possession of and you wonder about its story?  Or even something that you hope will be your family's newest HEIRLOOM?

Tag your photos with #septemberSNAPS2014 and see you on Instagram!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bird's Eye View

September SNAPS 2014 - Day 17 - BIRD'S EYE VIEW
It's not secret around this blog how much I love birds.  I love the colors, the markings, their songs . . . and their ability to fly!  Sometimes I think it must be so fun to fly through the air with seemingly no care in the world.  What a different view of the world they must have.  The closest I've come lately to that sort of  view was when Ron and I soared over the mountain tops of Alaska in a small seaplane. The view was incredible!  Even the large Dall Sheep looked like figurines from a model railroad scene.
Things that seem so large and insurmountable up close, look completely different when viewed from a BIRD'S EYE.  In the big scheme of things, even my problems must appear pretty small when you know the "grand plan".  I obviously can't soar above the ground today and I don't even always know the "grand plan", but I do hope to look away from my busy schedule a few times and look at things with a BIRD'S EYE VIEW.

I'm enjoying this project so much that I've already begun thinking of creating a new set of prompts for October.  If you are interested in continuing our Instagram project, let me know.  If not, no problem---no decisions are needed right away: just something to think about.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 16 - LETTERS
When I was growing up, Sunday night was reserved as "LETTER-writing night" for my mother.  For as long as I can remember, she wrote a "round robin" stylet letter to her siblings each Sunday night, as well as LETTERS to her parents and my dad's parents.  We we kids went off to college, she added each of us into her weekly routine.   We always knew that there would be a LETTER in our mailboxes every Tuesday.  (these are just SOME of the letters I received)
It wasn't until MUCH later that I realized she also kept every letter that I wrote back to them--she gave them to me in a hand-made wooden chest for Christmas one year.  

Letter-writing is somewhat of a lost art, with most of us preferring the instant gratification of texts or emails to the almost obsolete "snail mail".  What kind of LETTERS capture your attention today?

Monday, September 15, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 15 - KNITTED
Wow!  We've now snapped ourselves halfway through the month!  This is fun!
Here in Shreveport, we recently experienced a cool front---and by that, I mean that the temperatures dropped below 90 degrees for a few days.  Needless to say, it is definitely not cool enough to wear KNITTED sweaters and scarves yet, but I can't wait until it is.  I love winter clothes---boots, leggings and KNITTED sweaters.

What else can you find that is KNITTED? Perhaps it is time to bring those winter clothes out of storage and take a look.  Or pull out your own knitting needles?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ten Things God Wants You To Remember

In Sunday School this summer, I developed a series of lessons based on this pin:
Each week (and sometimes two weeks), we focused on one of the declarations above and explored scriptures and stories that related to that particular topic.  I wanted to provide a visual way to display these in our classroom, so I bought a few packs of artists' canvases on sale and decided to create one for each topic.  For the first week, I kept it very simple with just the words alone cut from patterned paper and glued to a burlap canvas.  I later matted it onto a plain white canvas that was the same size as the others we did.  
While my students are all adults, most have very limited ability to read, so I really wanted a way to connect to each declaration and to hopefully remember what it stands for.  So, on the remaining canvases, I used a shape or something else visual that related to the scripture or story that we studied.
While I did the bulk of the "work" for these canvases, all of the students participated by gluing pieces in place or putting the letters in order by matching them to an example.
As each canvas was completed, students participated by repeating the declaration repeatedly or coating the entire canvas with Mod Podge.
A couple of different times, we used tissue paper to make collages.
On another week, we cut pictures from magazines of things that God provides for us.
Bill's favorite was the week we talked about God giving us strength (probably because of the eagle).
Vita's favorite was the canvas with the praying hands.
My personal favorite was the last one we did---the bee that represents the Beatitudes.
I will be hanging these in our classroom as a permanent display, but I also wanted something that each student could take home with them and be reminded daily of God's messages.  I used Photoshop to create similar 4.75" x 5" graphics and printed them front & back on card stock.  I cut out each one and placed them in an empty CD case.  When you bend the case backwards, it will stand up like an easel!  ;-)
If you'd like anymore information about this set of lessons, just send me an email and I'd be happy to send you my outlines for each week.  These lessons would be appropriate for a variety of cognitive abilities, and for adults as well as children.   I would also be happy to share my CD sized graphics upon request.