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Monday, January 23, 2017
Back in October, we spent a weekend camping with Callie & Jordan at Beaver's Bend Park. While it was a vacation wrought with interruptions in the form of new tires for the camper and a full campground, we ultimately had a great time hiking and fishing and just being outdoors. It was fun being there with two little guys who loved being outdoors and didn't want to leave.
Ron and I left late in the afternoon on Sunday and since we'd had to come up separately, I was following him home.  The weather was great and there was a huge harvest moon in the sky.
Just a few miles from home, I saw Ron's truck suddenly begin to swerve with the camper throwing his truck back and forth across the interstate. In horror, I watched as he fought to regain control of his small truck and ultimately land in the ditch on the side of the road with the camper flipped on its side.  Miraculously, he was able to keep the truck upright. As I ran to hug him when he emerged from the cab of the truck, I was flooded with relief that he was okay. I remember him hugging me and telling me he was sorry about the camper.  At that moment, I couldn't have cared less about the camper or anything inside it, even though it was already pretty clear that it was a total loss.
We spent the next few hours with a big-rig tow truck and lots of deputy sheriffs, along with Jordan who had come to help.
Eventually, the camper was separated from the truck and Ron were actually able to drive it home.  We LOVED our camper that we bought from Juliet and were sad to tell it goodbye, but were able to get inside to get most of our belongings out in the following week.  This is what we found . (Notice that the "happy camper" dish towel that is still hanging neatly on the stove, despite the fact that every other part of the stove was thrown throughout the camper)
Yep, that is a biscuit hanging from the ceiling--still in its zip-lock bag.

The end of 2016 also brought about the demise of Ron's truck--possibly accelerated by the wreck, although insurance begs to differ about that.  He brought home his new chariot--a Ford that is big enough to pull a camper and is comfortable for more than 2 people to ride.  He has waited a long time for it and loves it!
Which brings us back to the camper.  Having our little camper for just a year and a half was long enough to let us know how much we love camping and that we really do want to invest a little bit more money in having a new one.  This weekend we went out to the RV show to look around and scout out what kind of model might best suit our needs.
We checked out a variety of models and styles, but likely have a lot of research ahead of us before we figure out exactly what we want and need.
There might be some fussin' and discussin' going on, but I'm confident that eventually we will find the right thing for our family and I can't wait to get back on the road again!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

This Little Light Of Mine

Rather than making a New Year's resolution, each year I choose a word to focus on.    2010 was the first year I tried this and I loved it so much that I've continued the practice.  I like that instead of focusing on one particular behavior, choosing a word allows me to find many different areas of my life in which that word can be beneficial.  In years past, I have chosen RISK (2010), PURPOSE (2011), OPEN (2012), BEGINNING (2013), GROW (2014), HOME (2015), and BREATHE (2016).
In choosing the word, I spend some time thinking about what kinds of things I want to accomplish during the upcoming year and what areas, I need to work on. This time, towards the end of December, I was pretty sure what my word would be for 2017. I had thought of it several months earlier and I even liked the way it sounded when I said it. In preparation for the new year, I decided to jot down some notes about my word. I gathered my planner, a pencil and me new devotional book to use as a desk and set to work.
First, I wrote down some of my big goals for the year and then other smaller things I'd like to work on. I used word and snippets of sentences as I brainstormed. Suddenly, looking over my paper, I noticed that they all seemed to have some things in common. I tried to make them fit the word I'd chosen, but they just didn't fit. As I shifted the pile of things in my lap to be more comfortable in this uncomfortable situation, I glanced at my new devotional book and it hit me.  The word I was supposed to choose had been right there in front of me all the time.   LIGHT!
In 2017, I hope to look at "light" in a more intentional way. Not only do I want to look for the light, I want to actually BE the light and to USE the light in new and fresh ways. I hope to look at light through my camera lens, in my painting, decorating, cooking, finances and in my home organization.
Having a word like this helps me bring more purpose to everyday activities and generally helps me with follow-through of projects I plan. Have you made a resolution or chosen a word for this year?  It's not too late.
If you want a way to keep your word on your mind throughout the year, I recommend the "One Little Word" class, offered by Ali Edwards. I've done it in past years and gained so much from it. Even though I am not officially participating this year, I have already done some of the exercises on my own and found them very helpful.

Friday, January 20, 2017

New Beginnings

The last time I posted anything was in August.  I really thought that once I retired, I would have plenty of time for blogging.  But, as you know, BabyD2 arrived that very night and things were pretty busy throughout the summer.  I posted a few times since then, but not regularly.  I then decided that once school started again and our traveling slowed down, I would have more time.  But, instead, I found myself eager to spend my time with a paintbrush in hand rather than editing photos and struggling for words.

Now, here it is, the end of January and I find myself really missing the outlet this blog provided for me.  All along, I have been taking photos, sewing, painting and being a Lovey, but most of these activities have only been documented in my own mind or confined to the memory disk in my camera.  Most photos have made it onto my computer, but few have been edited or printed.  In the past, this blog has been a place where I can share some of the things most important to me--hobbies, experiences, family--and from time to time it was even an outlet for a bit of writing.  I've missed it.

So, with no promises of how often I'll be posting, I want to begin again.

To start, here's a pictorial re-cap of the last few months, mostly unedited.  Enjoy!

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