Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 21 - BLACK
The color BLACK has always been associated with things that are sinister---remember the guys in the BLACK cowboy hats were always the bad guys.  Sinister or spooky.   Of course, BLACK and orange are the Halloween colors, but these days, BLACK is also important in fashion due to their slimming nature and "go-with-everything" function.  While I don't have a "little BLACK dress", BLACK pants are definitely a staple in my closet.  I also think of BLACK birds during this time of year---from the crows in the cornfield to the grackles and red-winged-blackbirds that visit my bird feeder.
What do you think of that is associated with the color BLACK?   Do you have a favorite BLACK item in your wardrobe or something a little bit more sinister?

We're on the downhill slide to finish out this month.  I've enjoyed the challenge and seeing what each of you post.  I will probably do something for November, just because it helps me to be more conscious of my surroundings.  Let me know if you are interested and I'll send out some simple prompts.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 20 - SQUIRRELS
I believe that Emmi feels her main purpose in life is to chase SQUIRRELS and birds.  At the first hint of a SQUIRREL crossing one of the power lines at the back of our yard, she dashes as fast as she can to the fence, barking the entire way.  While she could never actually reach the SQUIRRELS, her barking is enough to scare them and make them hurry along their way.   With the addition of Joy, Emmi no longer hangs her head out of the doggie door, awaiting the arrival of an unsuspecting SQUIRREL, but she still chases them.  Joy has NO idea why Emmi runs and barks, but she jumps into immediate action as well, grateful for the opportunity to nip at Emmi's ears and tail.  

We have LOTS of squirrels in our neighborhood.  Here's one that was scavenging for a little food in the birdbath.
And one that Michael drew for me.  Hmmm, from this drawing, this one seems to be in my living room
Do you have lots of squirrels where you live?   (Do you have a pet that loves to chase them?)   Perhaps you'll be in a store and run across a squirrel decoration.  Can't wait to see what you find.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 19 - CHANGING
If there is one thing you can count on about life, it is that it is always CHANGING.  There are sad times and good times, hard times and easy times, sadness and laughter.  And sometimes all of that can happen in one day!   Jobs change, children change, homes change, even sheets get changed . . . You get the picture.   A few weeks ago, Ron and I bought a new mattress set.  We finally upgraded from a full bed to a queen-sized bed!!!   I know!   It's a small change to many, but it feels huge to us! 
But, sometimes the very thing that needs CHANGING is my perspective on things.  
I recently read a post over on Momastery (click here to read it yourself) that really hit home--it is so easy to get caught up in needing the newest, nicest and biggest that I forget that I already have far more than I need.  What makes this a home isn't about CHANGING things, but about enjoying who is in it.

Of course, Fall is also a season of CHANGING.  What will you run across today that reminds you of the word?  

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 18 - BOOTS
I'm hoping that by the time this post actually appears, it will be cool enough to wear BOOTS.  BOOTS are probably my most favorite fall accessory!  I have several pairs--short, tall and in between.  And others in my family own BOOTS as well---
The grandkids . . .
My niece's daughter (hers even light up). . .
and my favorite BOOTS picture, Ron. . . in a terrible storm. . . . with his boots on the wrong feet.
However you find them, BOOTS are definitely a fall favorite.  Whose boots will you feature today?

Friday, October 17, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 17 - SEASONAL
We've had some pretty specific prompts lately, and some have been pretty tricky.  It's been so great to see how you all have worked out the more difficult one, but this one is wide-open.  SEASONAL. 
 You can interpret this one any way you want--be creative and have fun!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Fall FUN 2014 - Day 16 - RAKING
I don't have very many trees in my yard.  In fact, besides the big tree, there really aren't any (unless you count the decorative crepe myrtle trees).   But the neighbor behind me has a huge Sycamore tree.  The bark is a beautiful white color and the leaves are huge.  But, when fall rolls around, I think that every single leaf falls into MY backyard.  And in my opinion, the best remedy for that is to have little people RAKING them into a pile.
Have you had to do much RAKING this year?  Do you have any little people to help you with the job?  How can you capture the prompt RAKING today?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Pick A Pumpkin

Fall FUN 2014 - Day 15 - Pick A Pumpkin
Have you PICKED A PUMPKIN yet?   At the time I am writing this, I haven't been to a pumpkin patch yet, but I am starting to see them all around town.  Once I'm at a patch, the decision then comes as to what shape to choose---short, tall, round, skinny. . .  Each one seems to have their own personality.  I love this pumpkin that hangs on the front door of one of the preschools I visit.
Can't wait to see photos as you PICK A PUMPKIN.   Will you craft one, grow one, or visit a local patch?