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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Words To Live By

For the last couple of weeks, I've participated in the Big Idea Festival class offered by Big Picture Classes. It was a free 12-day class that focused on "Words To Live By". Each day a different teacher offered a word that had special meaning to them and shared how they used it to create a scrapbook page. With the start of school, things have gotten busier around here, so I decided that rather than shooting new pictures for each prompt, I would just use the archives that are on my laptop. I also resolved to dip into my huge stash of papers and embellishments and not buy anything new for the challenge (except for a new 8x8 album).

I began by choosing a quote that included each word and then selected photos to go with those quotes. While not everyone would probably "get" the connection in each case, they have meaning to me and that's what is most important. I used a variety of papers--mostly from a paper pack by My Mind's Eye--and also pulled out a set of adhesive borders from K & Company. (I've used these borders before, but for some reason, I just now realized that they were adhesive---much easier to use!) Other embellishments consisted of punched circles of varying sizes, a couple of white doilies and even a yellow sunflower doily from my kitchen drawer. I printed out each quote on textured cardstock and cut them into strips, adhering them with my Tiny Attacher (my very favorite scrapbooking tool). Here are the completed pages:

This was a fun class for me. While I wasn't necessarily inspired by every word used, I did enjoy seeing how the teachers interpreted them and once I found quotes, they gained new meaning to me. It was also a great idea to be introduced to these teachers---I'm even following several of their blogs now. Be sure to click over to Big Picture Classes to see what is currently being offered.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A Weekend Smile

While those "smile moments" were in no particular order, Friday evening gave me the opportunity for a great big smile as I finally was able to capture a couple of my tiny feathered friends on film . . . well on memory card, at least. They are fast little critters and just the movement of picking up my camera is generally enough to cause a hasty exit. But, not tonight. This time they posed for me. Hope it makes you smile, too.

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Makes Me Smile . . .

After reading Jana's post, I decided to carry on the meme---below, I've listed 20 things that make me smile.

1. Emmi's waving paws when she gets really excited.

2. Lunch with friends

3. Hugs from tiny, preschool arms.

4. Talking to my family online (or on the phone, but online happens more often)

5. Decorating/craft magazines

6. Shopping trips to Canton

7. Find a great deal at an antique sale, and knowing exactly where it's going to go

8. "Momo'isms"

9. Memories of family vacations from long ago

10. Vacations with my current family

11. A house full of daughters and son-in-laws

12. A big bowl of popcorn

13. Off-key singing in the car with Callie (haven't done that lately)

14. Observing the very special relationship that my girls have with each other

15. Reminiscing escapades that Valine and I have shared

16. Dan's joy in very simple things

17. Tiny hummingbirds on the feeder outside my kitchen window

18. Worship songs on Sunday mornings

19. A cold, Diet Coke on a hot day

20. Babies---anyone's baby really

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Sprinkling

As I went outside this morning to set up the sprinklers for the flowerbeds, I was quickly joined by the kids next door and a few doors down. The filled bird bath is like a magnet for them--they are completely fascinated by it and the water in it. It's at just the right height to splash and play.

With such sweet little hands, I didn't mind a bit!

Carter and his sister, McKenzie also love the bunny yard ornament in my flowerbed and begged me to take their picture with it (after I asked them to take it out of the bird bath and put it back).

After a few bike wrecks in my driveway, Hart joined them in making hand prints on the sidewalk.

Pretty cheap entertainment, huh?!

Hart and Gabe stayed for a while, thoroughly enjoying the sprinkler.

It's best if you stick your head in it and stand up sputtering water and wiping eyes.

Of course, no little boy play would be complete without a little "bootie humor".

I guess Gabe was feeling a bit patriotic-- or perhaps the flag he discovered in a nearby potted plant was just too tempting.

I must admit that with the heat wave we've been experiencing, I didn't even mind when they picked up the sprinkler and accidentally squirted me. It felt pretty good!!

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P. S. I had to re-fill the bird bath as all the water was used to wash the bunny and any other yard ornaments adorning my flowerbed.

Friday, August 19, 2011


It's time for the latest post of Insta-Friday, with a few pictures from this past week. I'll be linking up to Life Rearranged, again, too.

life rearranged

Our church's community garden, one of the few green spots in our city right now:

The grass at my school--no wonder there are huge brush fires all around town!!

Yep, it's hot around here!! This was Wednesday's temperatures--the 44th day of triple digits this summer (the average is 7 days).

Hello, Mr. Lizard. I know it is really hot outside today (107 again on Thursday), but I'm really glad that your beady, little eyes are on the outside of my door and not on the inside.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day

I'm just like a little kid! Today is the first day of school (for teachers) and I hardly slept at all last night! I tossed and turned and thought about school. Goodness, morning sure came early today!! I've got a busy day aheah, so it looks like it will be a caffeine morning!

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrapbook on the Road Revisted

You may remember the Scrapbook On the Road that I prepared after completing Ali Edward's class. I finished it in time for my Yosemite vacation and even made a simplified version for Dan to enjoy. During Camp Crop-A-Lot a few weeks ago, I was able to finish my scrapbook, filling it with photos and memorabilia from the trip. The first couple of days I was able to journal in the evening about the day's activities, but of course, that stopped after I injured my wrist. I did, however, dictate some of the day's events into my iPhones voice memo feature (usually on the back deck, in the wee hours of the morning, while everyone else was sleeping - I had several sleepless nights while there). Back at home, I typed up those notes and just printed them out to be attached in the scrapbook. While I'd love for it all to be written nicely on the pages in my own handwriting, that, too, is part of the story, so I'm okay with this adapted approach. Here are a few of the completed pages:

Ali seems to be able to edit her materials and memorabilia better than me, and maybe that will come in time. I included lots of photos and ended up having to get larger rings to accommodate everything.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another Little Back-To-School Project

One more quick, little back-to-school project. Last week, I wandered the aisles of Hobby Lobby (which is always dangerous for my wallet) and found this cute magnet board on sale in the fall decor. Thinking of my office cubicle, I decided I couldn't go wrong---it was regularly $4.99, on sale for half price!

I purchased a small set of round magnets and had all the other supplies at my house.

I punched out small circles of scrapbook paper and ran them through my Xyron to attach them to the magnets, then coated them with that wonderful Dimensional Magic.

That's it! Quick, easy and cute!!

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Back To School Gifts

We go back to school this week! With 45+ days over 100 degrees this summer, the thought of being in and out of the car all day is not terribly appealing. On the other hand, the last few days have been pretty monotonous for me. Most of my hobbies and activities revolve around crafts, sewing and things like that---things that really require the use of both of my hands. With my right arm still in a brace, keeping myself busy has become a bit more of a challenge, so perhaps being back at work will help fill that time a little better.

I always try to have a little something for my co-workers, a little back-to-school gift. I love these "Spiffy Scissors" that Char made:

It took me a while to cut out the patterned paper, but that was the hardest part for me (under normal circumstances, it would be super easy). I had hoped for scissor handles in different colors, but in order to get decent scissors, I had to settle for all red handles on sale at Target.

I'm in love with Dimensional Magic---it makes things look so cool!

I designed a tag and Callie helped me punch them out. Then I packaged them in a frosting decorating bags just as Char suggested. For some reason, the ones labeled "Candy Decorating" were on sale super cheap at Joann's, while the regular ones were $6 a box. (I couldn't tell any difference)

I even decorated a pair for myself--every teacher deserves a cheerful pair of scissors to work with!

If you're interested in downloading a copy of the tags, click on the link below:

You're A Cut Above Tags Aug 2011

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

National S'Mores Day

Did you realize that today is National S'Mores Day?? Unfortunately, I didn't know about it until it was to late to do anything about it. But, in honor of the special occasion, here are a few pictures to inspire you:

Strawberry Banana S'mores from The Shabby Nest:

Homemade S'more Ice Cream from Kevin and Amanda:

Homemade Graham Crackers from Poppytalk:

S'mores on a Stick from Brown Paper Packages:

And roasting marshmallows in Yosemite----Shaffer style:

All these pictures and recipes are making me hungry! I'm off to eat dinner---I wonder if I can round up a marshmallow or two??

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