Monday, August 15, 2011

Scrapbook on the Road Revisted

You may remember the Scrapbook On the Road that I prepared after completing Ali Edward's class. I finished it in time for my Yosemite vacation and even made a simplified version for Dan to enjoy. During Camp Crop-A-Lot a few weeks ago, I was able to finish my scrapbook, filling it with photos and memorabilia from the trip. The first couple of days I was able to journal in the evening about the day's activities, but of course, that stopped after I injured my wrist. I did, however, dictate some of the day's events into my iPhones voice memo feature (usually on the back deck, in the wee hours of the morning, while everyone else was sleeping - I had several sleepless nights while there). Back at home, I typed up those notes and just printed them out to be attached in the scrapbook. While I'd love for it all to be written nicely on the pages in my own handwriting, that, too, is part of the story, so I'm okay with this adapted approach. Here are a few of the completed pages:

Ali seems to be able to edit her materials and memorabilia better than me, and maybe that will come in time. I included lots of photos and ended up having to get larger rings to accommodate everything.

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JJB said...

I'll have you know that I zoomed in on every photo to see how cool it is. Can't wait to see the real thing and to really read through it.

BTW... Rob and I were both pretty amazed by your "feeble" attempt at watercolors!

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