Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Sprinkling

As I went outside this morning to set up the sprinklers for the flowerbeds, I was quickly joined by the kids next door and a few doors down. The filled bird bath is like a magnet for them--they are completely fascinated by it and the water in it. It's at just the right height to splash and play.

With such sweet little hands, I didn't mind a bit!

Carter and his sister, McKenzie also love the bunny yard ornament in my flowerbed and begged me to take their picture with it (after I asked them to take it out of the bird bath and put it back).

After a few bike wrecks in my driveway, Hart joined them in making hand prints on the sidewalk.

Pretty cheap entertainment, huh?!

Hart and Gabe stayed for a while, thoroughly enjoying the sprinkler.

It's best if you stick your head in it and stand up sputtering water and wiping eyes.

Of course, no little boy play would be complete without a little "bootie humor".

I guess Gabe was feeling a bit patriotic-- or perhaps the flag he discovered in a nearby potted plant was just too tempting.

I must admit that with the heat wave we've been experiencing, I didn't even mind when they picked up the sprinkler and accidentally squirted me. It felt pretty good!!

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P. S. I had to re-fill the bird bath as all the water was used to wash the bunny and any other yard ornaments adorning my flowerbed.

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