Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thelma and Louise - Finale

Just as all my favorite USA shows are having their finales this week, this is a finale of sorts, too. The final post about the trip Valine and I took.

In between eating at great restaurants and seeing shows, we also took time to walk around the strip and check out some of the other casino/hotels. There are literally hundreds of places to stay on or near the strip and they range from the very nice to the pretty trashy (there are probably some REALLY trashy ones, too, but we didn't see them). Here are some of my favorites:

Our hotel, the Palazzo, was beautiful. The rooms are nice, the casino is more classy than some and the workers were personable and very helpful. There were also a couple of fountains that were really pretty. I especially like this one that had a summer theme of frogs and dragonflies.

Next door to the Palazzo, is the Venetian. They are actually part of the same resort and are connected through hallways and walkways, but their decor is completely different. The Venetian is decorated beautifully with the shops and restaurants located on hallways that are decorated to look like streets, complete with sidewalk cafes and street lamps.

This is the ceiling in one of the lobbies.

The Mirage has a sort of "island or rain forest" theme with lush green vignettes. They even have a dolphin pool in the back.

Caesar's Palace is quite ornate and beautiful. This is the one that made me think "wow, I can't believe the details that they include". I mean, look at the painted ceilings and the statues!

Manadalay Bay is at the complete opposite end of the strip from the Palazzo, so we took the bus down there. It is a very nice resort with a luxurious beach theme going on.

And the Paris hotel features . . . well, the Eiffel Tower, of course.

My very favorite was the Bellagio. Everything about it was just beautiful. In one of the smaller lobbies, these umbrellas were hung from the ceiling.

In the main lobby, was an area with huge floral arrangements. The ceiling was covered with these colored glass disks. It was so pretty!

The Bellagio also has a conservatory that features a seasonal display of flowers and objects made from plants. It was just beautiful!

(isn't this painting made of flowers great??)

Each evening, they offer a "dancing fountain" show out front. (imagine music playing as you see the pictures)

So long, Vegas!

In grand finale form, we finished our trip back in Manchac, Louisiana with a meal of the best catfish I've ever eaten (you were right, Valine).

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