Monday, June 7, 2010

DIY Packing Folder Tutorial

I completed the DIY Packing Folder tutorial. The pattern and tutorial for this is now available on Craftsy---Click Here to get a copy.

DIY Packing Folder Tutorial

Materials Needed:
Utility/Sport Nylon Fabric – ½ yard
Utility Mesh Fabric – 1/3 yard
Decorative Upholstery-weight Fabric (optional) – 1/3 yard **
Double-Fold Bias Binding - 1 package
Heavy Duty Stiff Interfacing (9” x 15”)
Nylon Webbing (1” wide) – 8 inches
Velcro – 1/3 yard
Thread to match project
(1) Flexible Cutting board (purchased at Wal-Mart 3/pkg for $3.97)

Assembly of Pattern:
1. Print one copy of each pattern piece.
2. Trace pattern pieces #3 & #5 onto pieces of newsprint, flipping the piece over on the
fold to make one complete piece for each.
3. Tape #4 (body) to the wider end of #5 (body flap) as indicated on the pattern.
4. Tape #5 (body flap) to the straight edge of the #3 (body flap extension)

1. Lay out pattern pieces and cut out as follows:
- - Cut 2 of body (utility sport nylon)
- - Cut 2 Side Flaps (utility sport nylon)**
**if desired, can cut one of nylon and one of decorative fabric instead
- - Cut 2 Side Flaps ½” smaller as indicated on pattern (mesh)

2. Stack 2 mesh flap pieces together and baste ¼” from edge.
3. Sandwich the edges between the folded bias tape and stitch with a zig-zag stitch around curved edge leaving straight edge free.

4. Center the Sticky side of Velcro on solid utility fabric and stitch in place.
5. Center the soft side of the Velcro on the mesh fabric and stitch in place.
6. Center one side of the other piece of Velcro on the end of the body and stitch in place. Repeat with other piece on the body lining.
7. Place the ends of the nylon webbing on the indicated spots on the side flap and baste in place.
8. With right sides together, stitch around the curved edge of the side flap, using a ½” seam.
8. Turn right side out and press.
9. Stitch side flaps on each side of the body, where indicated using a 5/8” seam.
10. Turn and press.
11. With right sides together, sew the body to the lining, leaving the mesh side flap free.
12. Turn right side out and press well. Turn under raw edge and press.
13. Draw a pencil line from the top of one flap across the body to the top of the other side flap. Stitch along that line and topstitch around ends of the body. (long flaps)
14. Slide interfacing piece inside the “box” (trim if necessary). Topstitch the free edge closed.
15. Trim the plastic cutting board to approximately 8” x 14” to use as a folding board.
16. VOILA’!!!!

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Deblyn79 said...

I was wondering before I get pattern if this is the large folder and what are the measurements.....thank you so much for this tutorial!

Linda Perkins said...

Deblyn79, I couldn't find an email for you, but the finished measurements are about 10" x 16". I have packed 4-5 pairs of pants in one and can pack 7-8 shirts fairly easily.

Deblyn79 said...

I bought your pattern but am a little confused you mention a lining in sewing but nowhere in materials or cutting is a lining mentioned .... am I missing something...ty Deborah.......

Linda Perkins said...

The cutting instructions have you cut (2) of each pattern piece. One is for the outside and the other is for the lining. Sorry for the confusion.

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