Saturday, June 5, 2010

Round Robin - Garden Portraits

The theme for the Round Robin challenge this time is "Garden Portraits" - "Take an overall photo of a garden, any garden, then choose one flower or one vegetable, and showcase it as a portrait." Now, my flowerbeds are a complete mess right now, but I am going to go ahead and show them to you anyway: This one is in the very back of my yard---as you can tell, there are some pesky trees shooting up in the middle of my hydrangea bush and I have laid landscape fabric down in preparation for better things to come. :-)
From Mommy's Treasures
From Mommy's Treasures

Right now, all that is blooming are the huge oak leaf hydrangea bushes, which are filled with a combination of pink and white clusters. By mid-summer, the blossoms will fade to brown, but I still love them, just the same.

From Mommy's Treasures

From Mommy's Treasures

From Mommy's Treasures

Around my deck is this flowerbed---I don't know which is messier, the overgrown bed or the deck itself.

From Mommy's Treasures

Here is a closeup of one of the miniature roses. I received this plant as a cutting when my parents moved from my childhood home about 15 years ago. Fortunately, these roses are extremely hardy and need very little care.

From Mommy's Treasures

Be sure to check out the beautiful gardens of some of the other Round Robins---the linking list is here.
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Sherrie said...

Hi Linda,
Lovely gardens and plants. That rose is beautiful! Have a great day!

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maryt/theteach said...

Linda, such a pretty rose and garden. I'm sure you love taking care of the garden! :)

ellen b said...

Good morning Linda.
I'm quite a fan of overgrown gardens.
Those wild roses really are hardy little things. I have one and no matter how aggressively I prune it it always grows and blooms! Happy Saturday to you...

Carly said...

Hi Linda :)

Hydrangeas are GORGEOUS plants. I love the purple/pink ones, but the aqua blue is so pretty. It's hard to choose a favorite color. The mini roses look wonderful! They are such hardy flowers, so easy to care for! Love pics hon!


Manang Kim said...

Your hydrangea's are so pretty!! Happy Sunday!

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Monica said...

I always like having Hydrangeas in the garden. =) You have a beautiful area there.

Have a great weekend!

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Ooh, I like the "messy" closeups in the middle of the series. They just seem more real, more part of nature, with the bits of dirt and clusters of seeds or whatever they are. (I know approximately nothing about flowers, but you get what I mean, right?)

Jama said...

Lovely plants! but my favorite is always the rose!

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