Saturday, June 12, 2010

PB Knock-Off

My computer space needs lots of decorating help--you may remember when I converted the area into a bedroom for when my brother visits. At this point, I'm not able to fix the walls or get new furniture, but I CAN do some small things to help with organization.
I have a small bulletin board over my computer desk where I post favorite quotes and prayer reminders, etc. When I saw this organizer in the Pottery Barn catalog, I knew I wanted something similar in this space.
I recently picked up this large picture frame on sale at Hobby Lobby for $8, as is, which was great--perfect for this project!
From Mommy's Treasures

I really wanted to be able to use magnets instead of push pins, but after pricing sheet metal, I cam up with the idea of using hardware cloth--magnets would stick and it is much more affordable. Besides, I kind of liked the rustic quality it would provide. A quick trip to Lowe's (well, actually 2 trips because I decided I needed to think it through a little more, first) yielded spray paint, hardware cloth, a piece of wood, dowels and a little molding. I also picked up tin snips and a miter box, because I'd been meaning to buy those anyway.
From Mommy's Treasures

After spray painting all the pieces, I cut the molding and dowels to fit the measurements of the frame and used Liquid Nails to glue them in place, fitting the dowels in the notches I cut into the molding. This provided a surface to set the backing against so that they wouldn't be flat against each other.
From Mommy's Treasures

I stapled the hardware cloth to the board and set it into the back of the frame. Well, I guess I should "fess up" and admit that I had to do a little sanding on the side to get it to fit (note to self: try it out in the frame BEFORE stapling everything together).
The end result looked great! I'm tickled to death with it and can't wait to add some fancy tacks and other embellishments.
From Mommy's Treasures

From Mommy's Treasures

Cost of the hardware and wood products . . . $13.43

Cost of a "seconds" frame . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 8.00

Cost of duplicating Pottery Barn wall decor for a fraction of the cost . . . . . . . .PRICELESS!!!

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