Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I've spent the past few days (and evenings) as a delegate to my denomination's annual conference, along with about 1199 others.
From Mommy's Treasures

There have been some amazing, goose-bump moments such as the ordination service on Sunday evening and moving stories of how to help stop killer diseases
-- with a particular focus on Malaria this year. Did you know that a child dies of Malaria in Africa EVERY 30 SECONDS!!! And it is totally preventable!

Yesterday, I helped supervise a project that made and distributed meals for a day shelter for the homeless in our area.
From Mommy's Treasures

From Mommy's Treasures

And there have also been lots of reports, petitions and resolutions. I'd like to say that I've been fully engaged in each and every discussion, but in reality, I did some doodling, like a friend sitting next to me . . .
From Mommy's Treasures

(taken with my iPhone)
and even did some of this.
From Mommy's Treasures

(sorry for the blurriness)
Until next year . . . .
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