Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Extreme Cubicle Makeover - 2011 Edition

I work in an office with 9 other ladies. We spend our days traveling from school to school providing inclusion services to preschoolers with special needs throughout our school district and call ourselves the IPIT's (Itinerant Preschool Inclusion Teachers). Our office consists of two classrooms that have been converted into office space through the addition of desks and cubicles---4 of us and a conference table in my side and 6 people in the other room. The space is tight, but adequate. However, "attractive" or "inspiring" are definitely NOT words that come to mind when you're in our rooms!! But, all of that is changing! At the beginning of this school year, I began to transform my cubicle space. I think that the other ladies thought I was a bit crazy to begin covering the "puke green" fabric walls with bright and cheerful fabric, but I liked it. I bought enough fabric to begin the transformation, but then had to stop to get on with the school year and all the work that entails.

This week, with all our folders turned in, paperwork completed and a day left to be at work, three of us set to work to complete the makeover of our cubicles. Just to give you an idea of what where we began, here is a "before" photo of one of the cubicles with all the stuff moved out. This picture is FAR more flattering than the actual area (the fabric coverings are actually a dirty, yucky green color), but you can get an idea of what we had to work with.

First up was Danette's space. She has a flair for decorating and for the dramatic and her transformation included black, hot pink and a few fleur de lis! She even painted an old orange vase from her home to match the space.

Next up was Jayne's cubicle. Jayne showed up this morning with a great combination of fabrics in really pretty colors! Amazing what a few yards of fabric and a glue gun can accomplish!!

I finally had time to complete my space, too! I added pale yellow check duck cloth to the orange and polka dot fabrics I'd already hung. I spray painted some Dollar Tree frames and embellished them with a couple of sparkly birds and daisies.

Jayne found this awesome grosgrain ribbon with birds on it that matched my fabric perfectly, so I added it as a trim on my pencil caddy and memo holders.

By far, the best part of the day came when we did a surprise makeover to Jennifer's space. She's had a very stressful week or two personally and was way too overwhelmed to even think about transforming her area. So, while she was holding a parent conference this morning, we teamed up to pick out fabric and get it all installed before lunch. After lunch, she returned to the office and was pleasantly surprised to find her space completely made over! So fun!!!

Despite the fact that our principal announced that the staff could leave before noon, we had "work to do " and stayed until the bitter end of the day! We finished it all about 5 minutes before the security officers locked up the building!!! We didn't really have much time to savor our handiwork, but I know that it will be so fun to come back in August to a nice looking office! Here's a re-cap of the finished cubicles (we did not re-do underneath our desks since that space is covered with shelving and crates of teaching supplies during the school year).

Danette with her daughter:

Jennifer's space:

Jayne's transformation:

And my cubicle:

(I have no idea what's going on with my hair here)

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Finding Home said...

Very cute and fun, and how nice of all of to surprise your friend. Enjoy your summer, we still have school for 3 more weeks here! Take care, Laura

JJB said...

So much better!!! I love how each matches your personalities.

Tasha said...

ADORABLE!!! I'd love for you to share it at my Pinkalicious Thursday Blog Party!


Tasha said...

Thanks for sharing this at Pinkalicious Thursday!
Work must be more fun now!

Michelle said...

That is fantastic! What a fun place to work :)
Popping over from Remodelaholic

Dyna said...

Hi Linda, what a transformation, your cubicles are beautiful! I just started working in a cubicle office, I was wondering how you attached the fabric to your's? Thanks so much for the inspiration!

dyna at myplates dot com

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