Monday, June 20, 2011

Tough Love

Early Sunday evening, I went out to investigate what Emmi was marking at so incessantly in the backyard. Being a bird lover, I was so sad to see that she had found a tiny baby bird that had inadvertently hopped into our backyard in the process of learning to fly. Emmi was terrified by this little creature and had tried to pick it up, which was a fatal move for the baby. So sad.

After scooping up Emmi, I followed the tiniest of sounds to discover another baby cardinal hopping about by my neighbor's house. Mom and dad were watching from inside a nearby row of shrubs, so I was careful not to get too close. This baby was so tiny---no more than 3 inches at most.

After making it under the gate,

mama flew down to provide a little encouragement. While she kept her distance, it was also clear that she was keeping a watchful eye so that this baby didn't meet the same fate as his sibling.

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