Friday, June 24, 2011


Early in the week, I caught this picture at the grocery store. I'm sure this is nothing new, but I'd never seen this brand of water bottles before---they would have been perfect for celebrating her recent birthday!

At work on Thursday, one of the teachers handed me a bag on the way out of school---3 beautiful, ripe, home-grown tomatoes! YUMMY!!!

Yesterday, I rode down to Houston with several friends from church to visit several different social service agencies for inspiration. Arriving just in time for dinner last night, we had an AMAZINGLY wonderful meal at Guadalahara del Centro, located in the Houston Pavilions. I loved these umbrellas decorating the pavilion space.

Here are the great ladies I traveled with (not sure about that face you're making, Erin):

We got lots of inspiration for improving the services we are already providing to needy families in our community. This picture was from an awesome food pantry at an agency called WHAM.

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JJB said...

They have those in our grocery too. I'm surprised every time!!

BTW... did you notice that in the food pantry pic... corn is stored on the shelf labeled "potatoes"? Hopefully that's not where your inspiration comes from :)

Linda said...

Hahaha! I didn't even notice that, but I think the potatoes are normally on that empty shelf. :-)

Sandy Ang said...

GreaT PICS using just a phone !

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