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Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Hundred Photos-Contrast in Mexico

Everywhere I looked in Mexico, I saw contrast---in colors, in people, in situations. Not all of them could be easily captured in a photo, but here are a few that I took last week.

This first photo was taken in the "compound" in which we stay. Being a bird-lover, I like the contrast found nestled between two of the dorms--birds playing on the fencing.
Out on the worksites there were more contrasts:
. . . the contrast between colors and textures between the wet mortar and the cinder blocks (there was also a lot of contrast in their weight, too--hehe) . . .
. . . the contrast between the clean laundry that is hung out each day and the dirt and clutter that surrounds it. . . .
. . . between the peaceful dove perched on a rooftop above rubble and barbed wire . . .
. . . and theses photos that were taken on our last day in Juarez. We went out to the area where their new church had just been completed. The contrast between the unlit interior of the church and the sunlight shining through the small, high windows. . .
. . .and in this area, with few modern conveniences available to the families living there, I saw a sharp contrast between the trucks rushing by on the dirt streets and the people riding a horse. (I used Coffeeshop Lomo action on it)
. . . and, on the way home, the contrast between the flat landscape and these tall windmills in west Texas.

I'm Yours

As you can tell from the music that plays on my blog pretty regularly, I love Jason Mraz and the song "I'm Yours". This morning, I saw this over on Camille's blog and thought it was too cute! Hope it makes you smile!! (be sure to silence my music player before hitting "play")

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Home Sweet Home

EARLY this morning, I returned from a mission trip to Juarez, Mexico. This is my fifth trip down there and I love it so much that I usually wish I could stay just one more week. However, I have to admit that curling up in my own bed with my soft pillows and taking an extended shower upon waking up, make me remember that "there's no place like home." I had a GREAT time on the trip. I took my old compact camera so that I could keep it in my pocket as we worked and have it handy at all times. Of course, there's nothing glamorous or flattering about the pictures of me in overalls with no makeup, but that's just part of being in Mexico.

This year, we built three houses (this is part of my team--Noel the Builders--of which I was the leader), built a wall back at the compound, cleaned up the church area, led the worship service on Tuesday night (we did an almost wordless drama about "Who is my neighbor?"),purchased supplies for the compound and the medical/dental clinic, sorted medical supplies, conducted a baseball clinic, shopped at the market (only 8 of us went into town for this, but we had fun), connected with old friends (my team from 3 years ago with the family that we sponsor), and developed relationships that will last a lifetime! I'm still sorting through all the pictures, but these pics show some of children I met and played with this week---certainly one of my favorite parts of the trip!
Tuesday, February 16, 2010

One Hundred Photos

Since I'm away from my computer right now, I set this up to show you a few more of the "100 Photos" that I took last weekend. Everywhere I looked, I found contrast.
First, the contrast between the dark branches and their fluffy frosting . . . .
The contrast between the horizontal scallops and the vertical fencing boards . . . .
And finally, the power lines that criss-cross across my backyard. Normally, I find them so unsightly, but the contrast this time lies in the fact, that when covered with snow, even the lines are beautiful!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Craft Hope - Project #6

Just in time for Valentine's Day, comes Craft Hope's sixth project. This time the recipients will be teenagers in foster care around the country. Partnering with Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project to provide red scarves for hundreds of teens living in foster care and needing a little something to remind them that they are loved. Here's my little offering for this project--a soft, fuzzy scarf made with Yarn Bee's "Luscious" yarn.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Round Robin - Childhood Memories

The theme for this Round Robin challenge is Childhood memories---"get out your skates, and skate keys, your teddy bears, and your Matchbox cars and your imagination, of course, and take a giant step back in time to childhood. Simon says, share with us what you enjoyed in those carefree days so long ago. You are only limited by your imagination with this one, so why not let it out to play? "

Since I am a "Child of the 70's", I decided to apply Pioneer Woman's 70's Action to my photos for this challenge.

Here is my childhood home--I drove by it the other day and took a picture.
The shutters are a different color of green now and we didn't have a fence around it, but it still brought back tons of memories of flag football games in the front yard and playing catching fireflies in the summer. My favorite toys when I was young were dolls. I spent hours playing dolls with my friend, Kathy (until I was probably way too old to be playing with them). Being the first granddaughter on either side of the family meant that I was the recipient of the beginnings of a wonderful doll collection. Most of the dolls aren't necessarily valuable, but many have stories that go along with them. We loved making up names for the dolls and making long lists of them. Here's one that my mother saved---such inventive spelling. (wow that soldier really has scary eyes!!!)This "beautiful" doll with the long, multi-colored legs was named "Goldie". (I have no idea why, since she doesn't have even a hint of gold on her) I took her on one of our vacations and left her in the back car window along with a few crayons. Needless to say, my parents were less than happy about the fact that the crayons not only melted onto Goldie, but also onto the back upholstery!!! And last, but certainly not least, here are my Little Kiddles!!! I loved these little dolls (as evidenced by the wire sticking through the hand of one).
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Friday, February 12, 2010

Footprints In The Snow






Thursday, February 11, 2010

Almost a Snow Day

Ever wonder what preschool inclusion teachers in Louisiana do when it snows for the first time in years? Probably not, but just in case you were . . .

I tried to work on the computer preparing IEP's and other paperwork in my office, but those
big white flakes were just so distracting. Apparently everyone else in the office was just as distracted because here's the way we spent our afternoon after we heard that classes would be canceled tomorrow. . .throwing snowballs at each other . . .throwing snowballs at the children (inside their classroom). . .
and making tiny snowmen to show the kids.

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