Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Hundred Photos-Contrast in Mexico

Everywhere I looked in Mexico, I saw contrast---in colors, in people, in situations. Not all of them could be easily captured in a photo, but here are a few that I took last week.

This first photo was taken in the "compound" in which we stay. Being a bird-lover, I like the contrast found nestled between two of the dorms--birds playing on the fencing.
Out on the worksites there were more contrasts:
. . . the contrast between colors and textures between the wet mortar and the cinder blocks (there was also a lot of contrast in their weight, too--hehe) . . .
. . . the contrast between the clean laundry that is hung out each day and the dirt and clutter that surrounds it. . . .
. . . between the peaceful dove perched on a rooftop above rubble and barbed wire . . .
. . . and theses photos that were taken on our last day in Juarez. We went out to the area where their new church had just been completed. The contrast between the unlit interior of the church and the sunlight shining through the small, high windows. . .
. . .and in this area, with few modern conveniences available to the families living there, I saw a sharp contrast between the trucks rushing by on the dirt streets and the people riding a horse. (I used Coffeeshop Lomo action on it)
. . . and, on the way home, the contrast between the flat landscape and these tall windmills in west Texas.
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