Saturday, February 13, 2010

Round Robin - Childhood Memories

The theme for this Round Robin challenge is Childhood memories---"get out your skates, and skate keys, your teddy bears, and your Matchbox cars and your imagination, of course, and take a giant step back in time to childhood. Simon says, share with us what you enjoyed in those carefree days so long ago. You are only limited by your imagination with this one, so why not let it out to play? "

Since I am a "Child of the 70's", I decided to apply Pioneer Woman's 70's Action to my photos for this challenge.

Here is my childhood home--I drove by it the other day and took a picture.
The shutters are a different color of green now and we didn't have a fence around it, but it still brought back tons of memories of flag football games in the front yard and playing catching fireflies in the summer. My favorite toys when I was young were dolls. I spent hours playing dolls with my friend, Kathy (until I was probably way too old to be playing with them). Being the first granddaughter on either side of the family meant that I was the recipient of the beginnings of a wonderful doll collection. Most of the dolls aren't necessarily valuable, but many have stories that go along with them. We loved making up names for the dolls and making long lists of them. Here's one that my mother saved---such inventive spelling. (wow that soldier really has scary eyes!!!)This "beautiful" doll with the long, multi-colored legs was named "Goldie". (I have no idea why, since she doesn't have even a hint of gold on her) I took her on one of our vacations and left her in the back car window along with a few crayons. Needless to say, my parents were less than happy about the fact that the crayons not only melted onto Goldie, but also onto the back upholstery!!! And last, but certainly not least, here are my Little Kiddles!!! I loved these little dolls (as evidenced by the wire sticking through the hand of one).
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ellen b said...

Whoa! What a nice doll collection you have. I think I recognize a Madame Alexander there in the group. Your childhood home is great! It's always so interesting to do a drive-by. :0)
Fun memories...

Gattina said...

What an adorable collection of dolls ! My mother used to collect dolls, and I took some with me when she died, the others I gave away, I have my cat collection and the house is full, lol !

Monica said...

That is great you were able to drive by your home and add it to the Childhood memories. I only get to see mine if I go to the area for vacation which has been very rare.

That was some collection of dolls, they look intriqing. =)

Jama said...

You sure have a lot of dolls! I don't like them I remembered playing with paper dolls as a child.
My childhood home has long been demolished , to be replaced with high rise apartment by the government.

Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, these are great! The house photo is very evocative with its color palette, and the doll collection is impressive and nicely varied. (I know very well about wires through Mattel dolls' hands!) But my favorite part is the list of doll names. What a great memory, preserved on paper!

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