Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Room With A View

When I met with the landscaper a month or so ago, I had only three requests---

1) Low Maintenance---Though I love flowers and gardens, I'm not very good at taking care of them. I tend to get busy with other things and forget to give them the loving care they need. (plants need to be pretty hardy to make it at my house)

2) Keep one plant, if possible---The only plant I was attached to was the peppermint azalea that Jim gave me years ago. It was one of those tiny plants you pick up at the grocery store floral section and I planted it in the front flowerbed, totally unaware that they are greenhouse plants and not meant for flowerbeds. Now, years later, that plant has grown to be about 4 feet high and even larger in diameter. In the spring, it is totally covered in the most beautiful pink and white striped blooms!

3) A place to watch birds---My kitchen window is the only one in the house that gives a really nice view outside and while I always have hummingbird feeders, there really has never been anything else to look at---just grass and a driveway. I had a bird bath that a family friend gave me in memory of my mother that needed a home, too.

Randy did a great job. He planted good, hardy plants, relocated my peppermint azalea to my gate area . . .

From Mommy's Treasures

And improved the view from my kitchen window considerably. I don't really have any "before" photos because there was nothing to take a picture of. However, it now looks like this (excuse the mess---I was busy watering when I took this photo).

And my very favorite part? . . . . Off and on, throughout the afternoon today, the view looked like this (a little blurry since they were taken through my window):

I love my new landscaping!!

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Sandra said...

I love all of your new landscaping, most of all the bird feeders and birdbath. What curb appeal!!!

kathy b said...


i came across your blog on the NEXT feature from my knitting blog. I love how big your images are on your blog> Can you tell me how to get those BIG pictures onto my little blogspot blog???
kathy b

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