Friday, August 26, 2011

Makes Me Smile . . .

After reading Jana's post, I decided to carry on the meme---below, I've listed 20 things that make me smile.

1. Emmi's waving paws when she gets really excited.

2. Lunch with friends

3. Hugs from tiny, preschool arms.

4. Talking to my family online (or on the phone, but online happens more often)

5. Decorating/craft magazines

6. Shopping trips to Canton

7. Find a great deal at an antique sale, and knowing exactly where it's going to go

8. "Momo'isms"

9. Memories of family vacations from long ago

10. Vacations with my current family

11. A house full of daughters and son-in-laws

12. A big bowl of popcorn

13. Off-key singing in the car with Callie (haven't done that lately)

14. Observing the very special relationship that my girls have with each other

15. Reminiscing escapades that Valine and I have shared

16. Dan's joy in very simple things

17. Tiny hummingbirds on the feeder outside my kitchen window

18. Worship songs on Sunday mornings

19. A cold, Diet Coke on a hot day

20. Babies---anyone's baby really

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JJB said...

21. YOU make ME smile!!

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