Friday, August 19, 2011


It's time for the latest post of Insta-Friday, with a few pictures from this past week. I'll be linking up to Life Rearranged, again, too.

life rearranged

Our church's community garden, one of the few green spots in our city right now:

The grass at my school--no wonder there are huge brush fires all around town!!

Yep, it's hot around here!! This was Wednesday's temperatures--the 44th day of triple digits this summer (the average is 7 days).

Hello, Mr. Lizard. I know it is really hot outside today (107 again on Thursday), but I'm really glad that your beady, little eyes are on the outside of my door and not on the inside.

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our story said...

love the lizard! Hope the school year is starting off great!

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