Tuesday, November 25, 2014


30 Days of Thankful 2014 - Day 25 - WATER
There is something very peaceful about being near water.  Whether it be a lake, the ocean or a rushing waterfall into a river, the sound and sight of these bodies of WATER remind me of nature and I find peace in them.
We are so blessed in our country.  Most of us have plenty of food to eat, safe shelter and clean WATER at our disposal by just turning on a faucet.  I am so used to these conveniences, that I often forget about the thousands and thousands of people throughout the world, and some even right here in our country, who have no access to these basics that we take for granted.  So today, I am thankful for WATER and turn my attention to ways that I can help to provide that for others.    For more information on ways we can help, you can click here, here or here.
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