Saturday, November 22, 2014


30 Days of Thankful 2014 - Day 22 - EMOTIONS
The last few months have been a roller coaster ride of EMOTIONS for several people that I love and care about.  Having been in similar situations before, I know how unsettling and just plain draining it can be to swing from joy and happiness, to worry and sorrow.  It's easy to be thankful for the times that we feel EMOTIONS of love and happiness, but not nearly as easy to be thankful for sadness.

A few months ago, Ron and I were delighted to learn that Jana and Rob were expecting their first baby.  She sent me a package with a "Grandmother's Memory book" along with a message and then placed a Facetime call to watch me open it.  Little did I know that they were capturing MY reaction on camera.  I had just returned from a day at the lake, so I look terrible, but there is no mistaking my EMOTION!
 Right now, in light of what some of you have been dealing with, it seems rather insensitive to talk about capturing EMOTIONS on our cameras.  Yet, I know that in the midst of hard times, there are often gentle reminders that joy will soon return, whether it be through happy memories, the antics of a child or the comfort of a friend or pet.
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JJB said...

I think this has been my favorite prompt... even though I'm not as actively playing along as I had hoped this month, I'm still inspired by your messages. Love, J

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