Monday, November 10, 2014

Bucket List

Whether or not it is actually written down on paper or just committed to your memory, I think most people have some sort of bucket list, things that they want to do "someday".  There are places to visit (Alaska, for instance), things to accomplish (run a 5K without stopping and learn how to use my camera in manual mode) and so many more things.

One of the things that has been on my "someday" list has been to take watercolor painting lessons.  I've experimented a little on my own, but until recently, had never had real lesson.  Last weekend, I had a chance to have my first actual class in watercolors.  It was held at my church through NCAP, our community arts program.  Originally, one of my friends was going to join me, but she was under the weather, so I decided to go it alone.  The class was designed to be an overview of watercolor techniques and not an in depth course, but it was fun.
We used alcohol, salt, straws, crayons and of course, paintbrushes to create samplers of the different techniques.
Then we were turned loose to create some sort of tree painting, using some of the techniques we'd been introduced to.  Everyone did something a little different.
 I chose to depict the four seasons with mine with a crayon resist for the winter tree.
For the other seasons, I used washes for the backgrounds and created leaves on the trees with dry and wet brush techniques.
Of course, one of the great things about art is that there really is no right or wrong to it.  Everyone had a chance to experiment with the different techniques and try their hand at a painting.
This was just a taste of watercolor painting.  It was fun and in a very short time, I learned enough whet my appetite to learn more.
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debbie said...

It looks like I missed a great time! Hope to catch it next time...

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