Friday, November 21, 2014


30 Days of Thankful 2014 - Day 21 - FLOWERS
My mother was a gardener.  She grew up helping on the farm since her dad was a sharecropper in Missouri and Illinois, but she also was one of those people that was born with a green thumb.  As a child, I remember her working in a vegetable garden each year in our backyard and always carefully tending the flowerbeds surrounding our house.  She loved FLOWERS and made it look so easy.

I love FLOWERS as well, but it seems that I did not inherit that gift for growing things.  Maintaining a FLOWERbed and growing a garden are things that I enjoy, but it doesn't come easy for me.  I don't seem to have that same innate sense of what things need and how to do it as I do for sewing or crafting.  Years ago, when my parents moved from my childhood home, my mother dug up a small sprig from her miniature rose bush for me to plant in my own yard.  For 20+ years that tiny bush has thrived here, despite my lack of garden skills, spreading into a huge bush that has to be pruned to keep it from taking over the entire flowerbed.  I have to believe that it is because it came from her!
Are you a FLOWER lover?  Do you grow your own or enjoy them from afar?   What FLOWERS will you see today as cold weather approaches.
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