Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Well, I'm back home again and wanted to back-track a little bit to catch you up on a new project called September SNAPS!  For the month of August, I participated in Susannah Conway's Instagram project at the suggestion of Valine.  It was so much fun---no pressure and lots of inspiration.   Since I didn't really want it to end, I decided to come up with a new set of prompts for September and invite any of you to join me in snapping pictures each day.  Once again, there is no pressure!!  If you can do it and post it. . . great!  If you need to skip a day . . . no big deal!   Interpret the prompts any way you wish and have fun!  
The first prompt for our September SNAPS project was LABOR.  (wonder how I thought of that??)   I think that many of you are off work today, as I am---at least the paying variety---but we will most likely have many things that we will labor at regardless.  What  does LABOR mean to you today?  Or perhaps it is the absence of labor that motivates you?
This weekend, I have been busy with one of my favorite kinds of LABOR---sewing!  And let's face it, it doesn't get much better than sewing for a grandbaby!! 

Don't forget to label your photo #SeptemberSNAPS2014, and then check to see what others might have posted.
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