Thursday, August 21, 2014


As those of us that have been around tiny babies know, it is hard to get much of anything done around the house when you have a tiny infant.  Of course, they are cute and snuggly and entertaining even when they are sleeping.  But, of course, they like to be close their mamas.  Really close.   With that in mind, Callie decided it might be nice to try using a baby sling of some sort.  Eventually, he will fit into the Ergobaby pack they received as a gift, but not until he can hold his head up a little bit better.

Callie checked out a couple of different styles online and decided that the best option seemed to be either a "ring sling"
or the "pouch style", which provides an area for him to perch and is not adjustable.  We decided to try the pouch style since he is so young and it seemed to provide a little extra support.
I read lots of different DIY instructions for each type and found a great tutorial for it  on Pinterest.
Here are the directions I used.  Before shopping for fabric, I looked through my rather large stash and found one that was perfect.  I bought this fabric several years ago with Callie in mind---I planned to make a skirt, but never got around to it.  (these photos were all taken with an iPhone in pretty horrendous lighting situations)  And yes, there are loose threads on the fabric---as you've probably guessed, there are loose threads all over my house!
After studying the directions Tuesday night before bed, I ended up dreaming about sewing the sling all night long.  Ugh!   But, in my dreams, I had it all figured out, and by morning I was pretty sure that it couldn't be too difficult.   I made a self-lined sling, and it really went together quickly.  I cut the fabric, sewed the one long seam,
then turned and pressed it and top-stitched the edges.
I don't have pictures of the next step, but I sewed the curved edges together and finished them with a flat fell seam, providing a little extra strength to the seam and covering all the raw edges.    And that was it!!  So easy!
Once it was completed, we couldn't wait to give it a try.  Great fit and he seems to be quite secure in there.
Getting him in there without any assistance proved to be a challenge, however.  In fact, it was downright funny!
BUT, today she managed it all by herself on the first try!!

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