Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Extreme Cubicle Makeover - Part 2

It's been a couple of years since we had an extreme cubicle makeover, but our return to school this year provided the perfect chance to do some secret scheming and decorating.  Over the summer, my home-based school was under construction to install bathrooms in every classroom.   Since our office is really just 2 classrooms that were converted to office space, that meant that we got two new bathrooms.  We've been quite excited by it ever since we heard the news because for 15 years, we've had no adult bathroom to use---when the need arose (as it inevitably does), we shared the children's facilities in the breezeway.  Not only were they old and stinky, there was limited privacy since our school consists of very young children, who often require supervision.

Imagine our excitement when we returned to generously sized bathrooms right there in our office!  There is one slight problem however:   the toilets are sized for a 3 year old!   Seriously.  The top of the toilet is slightly less than 11" from the floor!     And just in case you don't believe me, here is a picture:
Who needs a gym when you have to do squats each day anyway??

In addition to that situation, two of our teachers completely lost their desk-space with the construction.  We wanted to do something to liven up the tiny spaces that they now inhabit, so we staged a bit of a Cubicle Makeover to surprise each of them.  The first space we tackled belongs to Constance.  We were able to run power-strips into the space and scavenge a used desk from the salvage pile, but it definitely lacked any sort of character.
Danette picked our a couple of fabrics that featured her Constance's favorite color:  purple.
With glue guns and straight pins in hand, Danette and I got to work.    I think you'll agree, that the space looks MUCH better now!  

Today, we decided that Jane's tiny workspace needed a face lift as well.
While she was gone this afternoon, we set to work once again and were finished in record time.  After covering the walls with a pretty blue pattern, we added rick-rack around to the edges and on the shelves then tied on a red chair cushion.
We even added a little lagniappe to her small desk lamp.

If you'd like to see the last cubicle makeovers we did back in 2011, click here.
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