Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Guilty Pleasure


Here are a few pics from my latest roundup of August Break prompts:

Handwriting - 8-11-14
Hoping to focus on the words penned here during this school year.  Need to really re-read it in the morning---it was a trying day in the office!
On the Table - 8-12-14
We ate at Panera last night and guess what our number was---our lucky number 13!
Guilty Pleasure - 8-13-14 
The "guilty pleasure" got me thinking about other things that I love, that perhaps I once (or even still) felt a little bit guilty about enjoying.
**Reading my morning blog roll - I can get so wrapped up in reading blogs that I used to feel bad about spending so much time on the computer rather than doing housework, or whatever.  And truthfully, I often still do.  But, lately, I've decided to put the guilt aside and just enjoy the inspiration.

**This sort of goes with the first one, but I love to sit out on the deck in the mornings or evenings.  For some reason, I have always felt the need to be "doing, doing doing".  If I wasn't busy, I was thinking about being busy and or feeling guilty that I wasn't busy.  After spending the first summer in about 15 years NOT working, I gave myself permission to enjoy that time of just being outdoors and relaxing.  
**It is definitely not everyone's "cup of tea", but I have to admit that I really do enjoy watching an occasional reality show.  There, I said it!  And I've decided not to feel guilty about it anymore.  Sometimes, if just feels good to watch a show that requires absolutely no thinking on my part---mindless entertainment.

**Saying "no" has been a very difficulty lesson to for me to learn and I am finally beginning to do it without feeling guilty--usually.  I discovered when Ron and I were dating that I could not possibly keep up the same pace of volunteer activities and nurture a new relationship at the same time, so I began cutting back.  And it has been great--for both of us, but for me especially.    I think it has helped keep my volunteer work more pure, as I've selected things that speak to me the most and I don't resent participating because I've been a bit more selective.

**I was a grown woman, in my later 40's actually, before I received my first pedicure.  I loved it and decided that it would be my special treat to myself from time to time.  Now, I have a regularly scheduled time that I go, with two other friends, and I look forward to that time each month.  We call ourselves the "Beauty Buddies" and we've also become friends with the technicians we see, which has also been fun.  (don't worry---this photo was taken several weeks ago after my baby toe collided with a cinder block.  It's doing pretty well now)
**Due to financial reasons, mostly, I've always had a plain-jane, no-frills vehicle--cloth seats, only power windows and doors and nothing else extra.  Now, for the first time ever, I have a "luxury" car---well it is to me anyway. (not sure that everyone would agree that a Ford Escape is a luxury car)  And I am TOTALLY loving the moon roof!!!
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