Saturday, September 6, 2014

Oklahoma - Part Two

We slept in Friday morning and then went in search a fishing license for me.  After securing that, we
we headed back down to the Lower Mountain Fork River and our "beach".
The water was way down again and groups of kayaks and canoes were making their way through the rapids.  
We spent a little time skipping stones again

and rescuing a few boaters.
Then we headed up river to go fishing.    We parked near above the dam and fished for hours from our kayaks.
We stayed out there for hours, catching all sorts of bream.  (we don't keep them, but just let them go again)
Sunburned and out of bait, we returned to the boat launch area in the late afternoon only to discover that the river had risen once again and it was now all the way up to our truck!!  In fact, we were able to paddle right up to the back of our truck!
We returned to the beach to see how far up the water had risen.  We hiked down the trail a bit -- sure enough, the water was racing over the rocks again.
Tyler took the camera and took a few pictures of us.  It took a few to get one that was half-decent.
Then it was my turn to be the photographer again.  Like father, like son.
As the mist rolled in once again, we watched the river rise.  In Alaska, our photo guide had showed me how to capture the flow of the water using a very slow shutter speed.  This was the perfect opportunity to practice.
Down by the falls, it was more dramatic.  In the absence of a tripod, I tried my best to keep a steady hand.
As usual, the sunset was beautiful and the darkness enveloped us before we headed back to the truck.

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