Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ten Things God Wants You To Remember

In Sunday School this summer, I developed a series of lessons based on this pin:
Each week (and sometimes two weeks), we focused on one of the declarations above and explored scriptures and stories that related to that particular topic.  I wanted to provide a visual way to display these in our classroom, so I bought a few packs of artists' canvases on sale and decided to create one for each topic.  For the first week, I kept it very simple with just the words alone cut from patterned paper and glued to a burlap canvas.  I later matted it onto a plain white canvas that was the same size as the others we did.  
While my students are all adults, most have very limited ability to read, so I really wanted a way to connect to each declaration and to hopefully remember what it stands for.  So, on the remaining canvases, I used a shape or something else visual that related to the scripture or story that we studied.
While I did the bulk of the "work" for these canvases, all of the students participated by gluing pieces in place or putting the letters in order by matching them to an example.
As each canvas was completed, students participated by repeating the declaration repeatedly or coating the entire canvas with Mod Podge.
A couple of different times, we used tissue paper to make collages.
On another week, we cut pictures from magazines of things that God provides for us.
Bill's favorite was the week we talked about God giving us strength (probably because of the eagle).
Vita's favorite was the canvas with the praying hands.
My personal favorite was the last one we did---the bee that represents the Beatitudes.
I will be hanging these in our classroom as a permanent display, but I also wanted something that each student could take home with them and be reminded daily of God's messages.  I used Photoshop to create similar 4.75" x 5" graphics and printed them front & back on card stock.  I cut out each one and placed them in an empty CD case.  When you bend the case backwards, it will stand up like an easel!  ;-)
If you'd like anymore information about this set of lessons, just send me an email and I'd be happy to send you my outlines for each week.  These lessons would be appropriate for a variety of cognitive abilities, and for adults as well as children.   I would also be happy to share my CD sized graphics upon request.

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JJB said...

Love how each one of these stands alone, yet how powerful they will be when all hung together.

Also love that it seems someone cut out the "Reese's" logo for the "He will provide for you" collage! :)

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