Thursday, September 18, 2014

Trail Run

Slowly, Ron and I are trying to get back into running again.  After injuries in the spring, vacations in the summer and just plain laziness, we both have been missing the routine of running and are trying to become more disciplined about it again.  With a half marathon coming up in December for Ron, he has been a little bit more diligent about it than me, but neither of us have worked very hard at it-----yet.   All of that will change soon, when we begin USA Fit again.

Tonight, some runners from our local running group, Red River Roadrunners, were meeting up at the Red River Wildlife Refuge for a trail run, so we decided to join them.  Since that is one of our favorite spots, we are pretty familiar with the trails and we waited just a little later to begin than the rest of the group.
Even though it was later, it was still very hot and muggy, and the trails that we ran on were mostly rocky.  That makes for a difficult run (run/walk for me).   But, it is so quiet and peaceful out there, and we were lucky enough to see a nice sunset.
Trail running may not be my thing---at least not rocky trails, but it was good to be back out there again.

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