Friday, September 5, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 5 - Hearts
About a year and a half ago, Ron and I visited the Dinosaur Valley National Park in Glen Rose, TX with his daughter's family.  We had a great time exploring the valley and seeing the tracks and somewhere along the way, I picked up a rock that was shaped like a HEART and gave it to Ron.  Jokingly, I told him to save it forever.  Fast forward to a month ago when we were getting in his truck to go to Oklahoma.  As we shifted things around to make more room, I noticed that same rock safely tucked in one of the drink holders of his truck and it made me smile.

Although rocks that are shaped like HEARTS are not that easy to find, HEARTS are all around us.   Yours may come in the form of a vintage valentine, a piece of candy or even a leaf.  Whatever you find, take a photo and post it on Instagram with our special hashtag (#SeptemberSNAPS2014).
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