Thursday, September 11, 2014


September SNAPS 2014 - Day 11 - PAIR
They say that "Two is better than one."   While I don't believe this is true in many cases, there are certainly times when a PAIR is better--and maybe even necessary.  Have you ever gone through an entire work or school day only to realize that you wore 2 different earrings all day long?  Or only one earring?  Yep, I've done it!  I also remember thinking my high school English teacher was so lame for accidentally wearing one navy shoe and one black shoe to school one day.  What goes around, comes around, huh?   A matching PAIR would have been much better in her case--and in mine, as well!

The Half Marathon that I ran back in January was a tough one for me.  It took several months to prepare for it and there were many Saturday mornings when I would much rather have slept in.  But it definitely helped me to be doing it as a PAIR with Ron.  As a reward for our effort, we each came home with a bit of hardware---a PAIR of medals.
There are so many different ways to interpret this prompt.  Let your mind wander and see what you come up with!   As always, label your photos with our special hashtag #septemberSNAPS2014.

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