Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bird's Eye View

September SNAPS 2014 - Day 17 - BIRD'S EYE VIEW
It's not secret around this blog how much I love birds.  I love the colors, the markings, their songs . . . and their ability to fly!  Sometimes I think it must be so fun to fly through the air with seemingly no care in the world.  What a different view of the world they must have.  The closest I've come lately to that sort of  view was when Ron and I soared over the mountain tops of Alaska in a small seaplane. The view was incredible!  Even the large Dall Sheep looked like figurines from a model railroad scene.
Things that seem so large and insurmountable up close, look completely different when viewed from a BIRD'S EYE.  In the big scheme of things, even my problems must appear pretty small when you know the "grand plan".  I obviously can't soar above the ground today and I don't even always know the "grand plan", but I do hope to look away from my busy schedule a few times and look at things with a BIRD'S EYE VIEW.

I'm enjoying this project so much that I've already begun thinking of creating a new set of prompts for October.  If you are interested in continuing our Instagram project, let me know.  If not, no problem---no decisions are needed right away: just something to think about.
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