Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Look Up

September SNAPS 2014 - Day 2 - LOOK UP
As I LOOKED UP while writing this, I could see the kitchen ceiling of Jana's kitchen.  However, if I moved a few feet back, looking up gave me a completely different view---going up the stairway with light streaming in through a window on the second level.   Even that view changed depending on where I stood.  
If I moved a few steps in the opposite direction and looked up, I could see a cloud-filled sky through her glass patio doors.  
Sometimes, the slightest movement or change in our thought pattern opens up a whole new perspective through which we can view things.    

Today, try LOOKING UP.  What do you see?  Clouds, trees, architectural features?  Is it time to move over a little to take a look at things in a different way.  

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JJB said...

I'm way impressed by that photo in our foyer. Looks so architectural... Wish I couldclaim it as my own since it was in my house :)

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