Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Wing On the Left, A Wing On the Right

A wing on the left,
A wing on the right
The little bird sleeps all through the night.
But, in the morning. . .

UP comes the sun

The dew falls away

"Good morning, good morning, good morning", the little birds say!
------song I used to sing to Jana and Callie (author

On the way out the door, I glanced through the kitchen window and saw this:
A baby bird---a BIG baby bird--sitting on my shepherd's hook with mama (or Daddy) watching from the front porch roof.
I grabbed my camera (and Emmi, who was crazily barking at the poor baby) and tried to get a few pictures through the window. I love the tufts of fuzz still on the bird even though mature feathers have almost replaced them.
. . . and the feet that are desperately trying to hang on.

I slipped outside with my camera, but the baby flew to my sasanqua bush nearby as the adult birds squawked warnings to each other about me. I feel sure that if I could have understood them, my feelings would have been hurt! Sure enough, deep inside the branches of that bush was a nest.
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