Saturday, December 13, 2008

Season's Greetings

Over the years, I've always loved receiving Christmas cards. Of course, everyone likes to get mail, but Christmas cards are special---whether filled with just a simple signature or a letter describing events of the past year, they are a connection with people I don't hear from that often.

A while back, I switched from purchasing cards at the store to handcrafting cards for my family. I remember one that I made with a die-cut tree wrapped in wires and beads. And in recent years, they have always included a photo of the girls and I.


Last year, I was all prepared with card kits I'd purchased at an after-Christmas sale the year before. While not completely original, they would at least be handcrafted. But, the season was so busy last year---Jana had just gotten married and Callie engaged---that those cards never got sent.

As I began thinking about my cards for this year, I was not sure what to do. I had the card kits from Hobby Lobby, but my family had totally changed since I bought them. Both of the girls were now married and have moved away and I live here alone. Somehow our typical photo just didn't seem right. I finally decided to include one last photo on my holiday cards---one that includes my new son-in-laws. So the cards are now completed and after sealing the envelopes they will be ready to mail. Since I'm quite sure that no one wants a picture of just me to put on their refrigerators (ha!), I need to keep my eyes open for a new handcrafted card idea for next year!
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