Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Late yesterday afternoon, I rode over to Longview, TX with Callie and Jordan. We met his parents for dinner at Johnny Cace's (YUM!) then went to the hear both of them play with the Longview Symphony. What a great concert they put on, filled with music of movie themes through the years. As they played, I reminisced about the many concerts that I've been to over the last six years.
It's hard to believe that Callie has played with them for that long---starting when she was just 15 years old! I remember how nervous she was for those first few rehearsals and concerts, worried about playing beside professional musicians. I drove her over for each rehearsal and either shopped or read while she rehearsed for several nights before each concert. Those were long nights--usually filled with studying or completing homework during her brief break and on the hour-long rides back and forth, often using a book light in the dark. Other times, the two of us sang at the top of our lungs to music on the radio, each trying to outdo the other in being off-key---then we would dissolve into laughter.

Prior to the actual concert, Callie was usually pretty intense--preparing herself mentally for the music and job, I suppose. While we almost always went to eat before the concert, she rarely ate much since butterflies filled her stomach instead. But, after the concert, she was often giddy with excitement and we sometimes stopped for a milkshake before the ride home.

Playing with the Longview Symphony proved to be an important step in Callie's life. Not only did it provide an outlet for her musical ability and a chance to be challenged by the orchestra, but it allowed her to meet the conductor, and become interested in the college where he works. Six years ago, when she was 15, who would have guessed that she would later attend and graduate from UNC? During the years she was in college, she could only play at this holiday concert and this year, she was joined by her husband.

I do not believe that it was mere coincidence that she was asked to join them six years ago. She was the only high school student to play with them, but it was the right time and the right place for the series of events that were to come next in her life. God does indeed have a plan and uses people and situations for the good of his people.
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