Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Found Treasure

This morning, as I tackled my "to do" list, I began working on transferring family photos from old wooden frames to new black gallery frames. I've gathered quite an assortment of photos from my family and my ancestors. Of course, every picture of the girls is sentimental to me and like a true mother, each one is beautiful. So, the task of deciding which one gets framed and which one will go in an album is hard for me.

As I began gathering the photos in one place I rediscovered silhouettes of the girls that were made about 15 years ago and even found one of myself done when I was 11 years old. After placing theirs in frames, I began removing mine from the broken black frame. Imagine my surprise when I lifted it from the "mat" and found this underneath!My mother embroidered this and it is a great likeness of my childhood home on Lincoln Drive. She even included the red barn and garden plot that were in the back yard. I guess this was done while I was quite young because at about age 7 or 8, my parents added another driveway to the left of our house to accommodate our travel trailer. While not officially an antique yet, it is quite a treasure to me!
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heather t said...

Oh, that is a family treasure! Make sure you note the vital stats for provenance. Not sure what they "officially" are but I would include:

approximate year
what's in the picture

You have a lot of that in your description already, so half the work is done!

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