Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Christmas Elves

Well, apparently Emmi is not the only Christmas elf in the area this week. At lunch today, Pam told me about her adventure yesterday. Her mother's little Maltese, Candy, has been visiting her 2 dogs while some household repairs are being made. Pam took the day off from work yesterday to get Christmas shopping done and had carefully scheduled her day to make the most efficient use of her time off. Mid-morning, she stopped by her house to let the dogs out and drop off some packages of "stocking stuffers" she'd purchased. She then left to visit one last store. Upon returning home an hour or so later, she found a trail of plastic bags, foil wrappers and chocolate crumbs all over the dining room, living room and kitchen! And not a single piece of candy was left. They'd eaten it all!!! Of course, dogs aren't even supposed to have chocolate, but all 3 seemed happy and healthy,with the exception of some noisy tummies.

Then, my dad just called a few minutes ago to tell me that after placing his new packages from my brother under the Christmas tree last night (yes, this is the same brother whose gift Emmi chose to tear to shreds). He woke up this morning to find a trail of candy wrappers and wrapping paper all over the living room. Bonnie, their Cairn Terrier had been busy all night. Apparently, one of the packages contained candy corn for my brother, Dan---Bonnie ate some of that, but left a lot. However, the package that apparently contained some sort of chocolate brownies or cake was completely destroyed----every bite having been consumed.

Bonnie has a stomach condition---colitis or something like that--and is supposed to be on a carefully monitored diet, so they had to rush her to the vet. After lab work, it was determined that she needed a shot and medications. So $150 later, all is well---until the next package, I guess!
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