Friday, December 26, 2008

I Did It!

I did it! I bought a Cricut Expression. I've wanted a Cricut since they came out, but just couldn't bring myself to fork over the money for one not knowing if I would use it enough to get my money's worth. But in recent months, it seems that I keep thinking, "If I had a Cricut I could cut that." so often that it finally seemed worth it. My dad gave me some money for Christmas, so I found one on Ebay for a pretty good price and ordered it.

It arrived on the afternoon of Dec 23. But, since I still had a very lengthy "to do" list at that point, I could not allow myself to even open the box. I quickly moved it into the laundry room where I wouldn't see it and tried to focus on finishing the necessary tasks for Christmas!

Now that the festivities are over, I brought out the box and began unpacking. At this point, what I want to do most is cut some vinyl lettering for my hallway---to position over the wall of photos I'm planning. But, I decided that I should probably experiment a bit first to get the hang of things. Now, to find the perfect quote. . . .
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