Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is This the Season??

"To everything there is a season. A time for every purpose under the sun." --Ecclesiastes 3:1

This is the first sprout coming from the tiny basil seeds I planted. At my house, plants have to be pretty hardy in order to make it, particularly when in my kitchen window. But so far these tiny sprouts are surviving. They are so small and they tend to grow sideways toward the light, but hopefully they will eventually be big enough to plant outside and to harvest their leaves.

At lunch today, one of my co-workers asked me about a particular mission project that I'd mentioned to her many months ago. At the time, I'd hoped that her church might also be interested in participating and we talked about presenting some information in an effort to recruit more help. Unfortunately, I told her, since that time the idea seemed to have sort of fizzled. The original committee has met so many roadblocks that we'd really lost "steam". At this point, I explained, it was beginning to look like this was not the right time to tackle the project.

Then this evening, I checked my emails before opening this post to add my thoughts. I had an email from one of the committee members---(the first since the beginning of the year)---setting up a presentation at a church in the coming weeks. Coincidence??? I don't know. But perhaps--just maybe---it is a sign that we shouldn't give up. Just like that tiny sprout pictured above, maybe if we give it the proper time and care, this program can develop into a program that helps people in our community. Maybe it is the right time. . .
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