Thursday, April 17, 2008

Down in the Valley . . .

"Down in the valley, valley so low. Hang your head over, hear the wind blow. . ." --unknown author (song lyrics)This is the ukulele that we used to play when we were kids. Amazing that it made it this long, considering the abuse it has taken. We used to strum and play and sing a lot (and probably bonked each other over the head a few times) "Down in the Valley" was one of the songs we knew best.

Do you ever find yourself in a valley that you don't think you can get out of? I don't find myself down in any valley very often or for very long. Occasionally I sink down there for a short period of time, but generally I stay pretty close to the top of the mountain. And when I find myself falling down there a lot of self-talk and a change of scenery will usually help me climb back out.

A friend had a heart cath today. She lost her husband to cancer this year and has been devastated by the loss. Then this . . . She saw a doctor for the medical problems she was having and after such things as a stress test, echo cardiogram, etc. they scheduled her for a heart cath. She and the doctors were prepared to have a stint put it or even angioplasty if that was deemed necessary. But, the diagnosis from the doctor after all the tests were completed---a broken heart. How very, very sad. I pray that her valley does not deepen and that she is soon able to begin to climb out.
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