Saturday, April 19, 2008

The cut!

"I like making a piece of string into something I can wear." ~Author Unknown

Well, I made the cut!! No, I didn't audition for Wheel of Fortune (which several friends did while it was in Bossier this week), nor did I participate in any sort of golf tournament. But, almost as momentous, I laid out pattern pieces and cut into the fabric for Callie's wedding dress. We picked it out while I was up in Chapel Hill in March and the fabric arrived here a week or so ago and it is beautiful---dyed white silk and lots and lots of tulle. (those little silk worms worked really hard!!)

It always takes a bit of courage to make that first slice into expensive fabric. And in this case, I had to wait until a time when Emmi was not running around the house. So, after dropping her off at the groomer, I set to work.
I made a "mock-up" of the dress last month and Callie tried it on when she was here for spring break. It fit with only a few minor adjustments. After altering the sweetheart neckline a bit and measuring out the train, I cut! Somewhere in there, I pricked my finger on a pin, but thankfully no blood on the fabric. And tonight, with Emmi safely back home, I've begun sewing.
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