Sunday, March 19, 2017

Picture Practice - Zoom

Day 19 - Zoom

You may remember from our discussion about Close Up photos, using the Zoom feature on your phone is not the best way to get a clear, closeup image.  The Zoom feature on your phone's camera is actually not a real zoom, but a cropping tool instead, so your finished picture will have lower resolution.
But, sometimes that is the only way to get the shot that you're after.  And, after all, the saying goes: "Rules are made to be broken."
The only way to get a picture of the robin below was to get closer and I knew he would fly away if I got too close. In cases like this, I often will zoom in a bit and get a shot, then zoom back out and attempt to take a few steps closer, while snapping shots along the way.  That way, I have at least a zoomed-in shot before the bird flies away and there is still the chance that I can get a little closer and a higher resolution photo.

So, let's go over how to actually use the Zoom feature on your phone.  (It seems to work just the same on both iPhones and Android versions)

Zoom with iPhone or Android:

1. First, place two fingers on the screen at the same time. That opens the zoom scale.
2. Move the indicator to the right to zoom into your subject.
3. Lock your focus on the subject by holding your finger until the AE/AF Lock square/circle appears.
4. Snap your photo.

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