Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Picture Practice - Silhouettes

Day 21 - Silhouettes

A couple of weeks ago, when we featured different lighting techniques, I mentioned that we would soon be talking about silhouettes.  Today is the day! Back lighting is used to create interesting and dramatic silhouettes.
To create a silhouette, you want to be positioned so that your subject is blocking the actual light source.  Be sure that you are also careful about extraneous objects--the photo below was almost a complete disaster when I noticed that the silhouette also included a stick protruding from the front of Ron's body---yikes!!
In the next photo, I knew that I was about to have the opportunity for a great silhouette, so I lodged my kayak between some rocks near the shore and asked Ron to paddle into the sun's glow---unfortunately someone else entered the photo as well. 
Just after the sun went behind the trees, I asked him to do the same for me, moving a little bit closer so that no one else was in the photo.
Today, see if you can capture a silhouette of something in your everyday life. Remember that you can often control the darkness of the silhouette by simple editing after you take the photo. Let me know if you'd like to know about some simple editing you can do with your phone. I have a couple of favorite apps I use, but I often just use the editing tools available on Instagram or those that come with my phone camera.

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