Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Picture Practice - Scale

Day 14 - Scale

Scale is a great technique to improve your images by giving the viewer a frame of reference. It enables us to know how large and small the world is. Conveying size and scale in your phone photos can be challenging--the key is to create a relationship between the elements in the scene.

There are several different ways you can show scale in your photos.

1. Include people - When taking landscape photos, we sometimes tend to remove people from the view, thinking that they detract from the image. However, having people in your landscape photo can be a often be a great way to show size.  For example, having a relatively small person in a vast space can help the viewer realize just how large the area is. In the photo below, the people to the left of the ship give a sense of how huge the ship actually is.
2. Use other objects in the same way - Just as you can use a person to show the size of a space, you can do the same by using other objects as well, as long as it is an object that people are familiar enough with to recognize its actual size. Below, showing Joy hiding behind Ron's legs shows how small she is in comparison to him.

3. Include lots of negative space - Having a small main subject within the negative space helps to convey how huge it is, or how small the person is, as in the case of the photo below (one of my favorites).

4. Shoot from a distance - Shooting from a distance is an easy way to make your subject(s) look tiny against its surroundings.  In this case, the subject is Giant Falls. It does indeed look giant when taken from a distance, because the people nearby are so tiny.

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