Friday, March 10, 2017

Key Holder for the Camper

Our camper is in the shop right now getting some minor adjustments, but that hasn't stopped me from preparing for our first camping trip. Ron has a couple of days off (we hope) next weekend, so we are planning on a short get-away--close enough that he can get in to work if necessary, but far enough that we'll be out of the city.

Since our purchase, I've been working on getting things together that we will need for camping. We like to keep it ready to go, so that when the opportunity arises, we can simply load our clothes and food and take off. I am trying to be sure that everything has a designated spot to make organization easier, and one of those things is a place to hang our keys.

I purchased a wooden board at Michael's for just $4.99 (plus a 40% off coupon) and everything else was found around my house.
After trying out a couple of different colors, I finally settled on red and used some chalk paint that I purchased at Joann's a while back.
I used Mod Podge to adhere some map wrapping paper to the board. I fell in love with Mod Podge back in the 70's when I used it to decoupage any available surface. Did anyone else out there have a decoupaged purse with Holly Hobby on it or was it just me?!?!  Once everything dried, I hand-lettered a phrase on it, leaving room at the bottom for hooks.
Now it was time to add the hooks. I had planned to use cup hooks of some sort, but the only ones I had in my tool box were too big.  Since I really didn't want to go buy anything else, I came up with the idea of using keys to make the hooks! When cleaning out one of my kitchen drawers recently, I found a ziplock bag with old keys in it. With Ron's help, we managed to break far more keys than we bent, but eventually, I ended up with 4 keys bent into the shape of hooks.
Using upholstery tacks, I fastened the keys to the board (which is very thin). The points stuck through the back a little bit, so I clipped them off with wire cutters and put a strip of duck tape across the back so that it wouldn't scratch the wall.
I plan to hang the key holder just over our main entry door in the camper. Can't wait for our next adventure!

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