Thursday, March 23, 2017

Picture Practice - Just A Hint

Day 23 - Just a Hint

Today's prompt is probably one of my favorites--especially for Instagram/phone photos. Because of my daughter and her husband's desire to keep their children's identities private on social media, I use this technique often and have found that it really helps me connect with and appreciate tiny details more.  (Can you tell I love little feet and hands???)
Look at the difference in the next two photos.
  *  Such a sweet photo of two cousins at the library.
** This photo, while it has a distracting purse in the background, captures the connection between the two cousins, without even seeing their faces.
And in this next pair of photos I took while on a walk with the grandkids, the first shows Toddler D looking at a dog through the slats of a wooden fence. I know that because I was there, but it is hard to tell by just looking at the photo.
However, the next photo is much more interesting. While we don't know for sure what he is looking at, we do know that it is interesting to him! And all we can see is the back of a toddler and a fence. I simply moved behind him and asked him to look again while I snapped this picture.  (Does anyone else think those knots in the wood look like a fox above him??)
While I use this technique when photographing the children, it also a great way to add interest to other photos as well.
The pattern and repetition in the bark of this tree takes center stage when that is all that is showing.
And how about this beautiful pink rose.
It really becomes a dramatic picture when only a portion is seen and the distractions are cropped out of the picture.
While you can certainly crop a photo to produce this effect, taking a photo with this end-result in mind allows you to really focus on the tiny details, so try doing it straight out of the camera for today.
The other day, while babysitting, I was taking a few pictures of BabyD2 as he pulled up on various objects. I really wanted to remember the details in his tiny feet--how they curl "just so" when he pulls up and how he raises up on his tippy-toes to reach for Papaw's remote control. So I took this photo:

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